Monday, February 10, 2020


I've gone into the GDB archives in order to attempt some more rescans of slides that didn't turn out too well the first time around. Judge the results for yourself!

First up, this photo, taken on August 14th, 1956; there's Wally Boag on the stage of the Golden Horseshoe, though he is practically lost in the darkness. This was originally posted back in 2009.

After a rescan, and some fiddling around in Photoshop, I've managed to lighten the image up quite a bit - it might be a bit too washed out in the lighter areas. But at least we can now see Wally (and his balloon animal) more clearly. Or... maybe it isn't Wally? I know he had fellows who stood in for him. I've always loved that painted backdrop with scenes from the "Pecos Bill" cartoon short - I believe the backdrop was designed by artist Paul Hartley. 

Next is this photo of the loading area of the Jungle Cruise (originally posted back in May of 2007) - the colors are so muted that it almost looks monochromatic. 

The rescan looks sharper and the reddish-brown cast has been mitigated, allowing some of those vivid greens and bright reds to come through. The jungle is so measly in this 1956 picture that we can  get a slight glimpse into the backstage area nearby. 


Nanook said...

Nice tinkering with those images. Those reds are very impressive - just as is the lack of full-fledged foliage that would ordinarily-block any unwanted views from guests'.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Very nice re-scanning job, Major!

Does anyone know if those steer horns are still hanging in the Golden Horseshoe, today?


WOW Major! You are the miracle worker - of vintage slides- these came out great!

Andrew said...

Great work! I can imagine that you would get this good at "fixing" slides after years of practice.

That Jungle Cruise CM on the dock is taking his job very seriously. ;-)

DrGoat said...

Nice job Major. The Golden Horseshoe Review was one of my Mom's favorite attractions in the park back then. Great memories.
I would assume those horns are still in there, or it could be wishful thinking.
Love those 50's crew cuts! Pretty much every kid had one back then including me. Until about 1964 when the Beatles showed up.
Thanks Major!

JC Shannon said...

DrGoat is right, we all had crew cuts and then came the Fab Four. My mother said I would get a Beatle cut over her dead body. I finally did grow my hair out in high school...but then the Air Force cut it for me. I have always been baffled by the costume changes on the Jungle Cruise. It's like they could't make up their minds. Does anyone know how many changes they made until present? Great job destinkifying these slides, Major. Thanks for all you do.

Stu29573 said...

The dock master callously turns his back on the undercover Enterprise crew member, who is desperately trying to hail the ship. Unfortunately, the color of the shirt tells us how this story ends. Sad.

Melissa said...

Such great pictures and comments today, and all I can contribute is spotting a rare brown babushka on the Queen Elizabeth doppelganger in the boat in the last picture.

Kathy! said...

So weird to see Jungle Cruise skippers in (mock?) turtlenecks. So drab and un-jungley! That one only wanted red-shirted guests too, it seems.

Yes, the steer horns are still in the same spots in the Horseshoe. I still have a Disneyland annual pass (I just can't let myself give it up), so if anyone wants me to check if things in photos are still there, let me know. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that CIA operative is the JC Skipper? That costume makes no sense at all.

Amazing work with the scanner, Major. Thanks very much indeed.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I never know if a rescan will be worth the effort, so it’s always nice when I see a real improvement.

TokyoMagic!, I haven’t been inside the GH for at least 10 years - readers, chime in!

Mike Cozart, thank you very much!

Andrew, years of practice definitely help; I assume I’ll continue to learn new tricks and methods going forward. The Jungle Cruise CM looks like he is ready to snap the photographer’s neck if he makes one funny move.

DrGoat, I am sorry that I never saw the original Golden Horseshoe Revue with the original cast, I’m sure it would be one of my favorite memories too. The early Beatles haircuts look so tame now, it’s hard to believe that people were outraged at how long their hair was!

Jonathan, ha ha, my mom was once so frustrated at my refusal to get a haircut that she threw a loaf of bread at me! I still twitch whenever I see bread, as I’m sure you can understand. It’s called PTSD. And you are so right, the people who worked on the Jungle Cruise must have some sort of record for the most costume changes over the years.

Stu29573, you can’t see it in this photo, but there is a guy who looks EXACTLY like the man to our right, only he has a goatee!

Melissa, maybe it really IS Queen Elizabeth?!

Kathy, you’re right, those mock turtlenecks are sort of preppie and not what one might imagine when thinking of the torrid jungle. Of course we’ve seen other versions with CMs wearing huaraches and straw hats and khaki shirts. I just scanned a crazy slide with a skipper wearing a tiger-striped shirt, practically day-glo!

JG, ha ha, I’ll bet that guy had a karate chop like you wouldn’t believe!

Anonymous said...

Major, he probably has a secret blowgun with poison darts or maybe a needle in his boot toe.


Anonymous said...

@Tokyo, a quick check of Daveland's photo archive shows that the horns have been removed from the locations on the curved balconies shown in today's post, as of 2008 or earlier. Very early photos dated "1960's" shown that each balcony had a set of horns. Some photos show some of them askew, like they were bumped while dusting or something.

However, judging from photos dated March 2012, the horns are still on display on the straight fascias of the balconies, so yes, they appear to still be in the theater. Only the curved balcony locations have been removed.


"Lou and Sue" said...

Major, I am very thankful your mom wasn't preparing the Thanksgiving turkey - when the two of you had that hair-do spat! Or there might not've been a GDB for all of us to enjoy, today.

Your re-scans look great!


Melissa said...

My sister threw a turkey drumstick at me once. Hit me right between the shoulder blades and knocked the wind out of me.

Dreemfinder said...

Speaking as a fan of Wally Boag (and being one of those guys who subbed for Wally 1980 - 1982) I can tell you that is Mr. Boag with his Boagaloons! "Did you ever hear the one about the rabbit who washed his hair and couldn't do a thing with her?"