Thursday, February 27, 2020

More From "1937Fan"!

Once again I have some great scans of photos from "1937Fan", whose Great Aunt took a series of photos at Disneyland on November 27th, 1964. The day after Thanksgiving.

I love this shot of a popcorn cart at the hub-end of Main Street - notice the Plaza Inn in the background. I like the winter clothing (California version...) on the guests, and the cool wintry colors, as well as that gleaming, shiny popcorn cart. My friend Mr. X (a former popcorn vendor himself) went to the park recently and said that the carts were filthy, which is kind of distressing.

There's 1937Fan's Aunt, with an ice cream bar (or maybe a lemonade popsicle from the Sunkist store?), hanging out by her personal friend, Monstro the Magnificent. She's looking too cool for school with her sunglasses and devil-may-care attitude.

And lastly (for today) is this artsy shot of Cinderella's Castle over in Storybook Land.

I have more fun photos from 1937Fan coming soon!


Nanook said...

Evidently today is THE day to be buying popcorn. No ripoff 90¢ price - no siree-! 15¢ is more like it. I also hope that our friend "Tex" has a pack of cigarettes hitching a ride in his left, rolled-up sleeve.

Thanks to 1937Fan.

TokyoMagic! said...

Cinderella's castle, looks like it could be a part of that cowboy's hat. Maybe he decided to wear a fancy Easter bonnet over the Thanksgiving Day weekend?

1937Fan's aunt looks like she has a blond pony tail, but I suppose that hair belongs to a Storybook Land hostess, riding on a boat behind her.

And .15 cents for a box of popcorn??? What a ripoff!

TokyoMagic! said...

Ooops, I forgot to thank 1937Fan for sharing more swell pics (taken on the day I was born!) with us! Thanks!

"Lou and Sue" said...

How much IS popcorn selling for, these days at Disneyland? Just curious.

Ugh, Major, about the dirty popcorn carts! I remember when everything was always spotless at Disneyland - back in the 60's and early 70's.

Looks like saliva is dripping down from the roof of Monstro's mouth . . . but that's probably a tree(?) on the other side, that I see.

TokyoMagic! That is so cool that there are a series of pictures on GDB from your birth date!!!

Fun pictures today - thank you 1937Fan and Major!


K. Martinez said...

You know, that miniature Cinderella Castle looks like it could use some color on it to bring it out more. Definitely faded from the harsh sunlight and elements.

Nice pics today. Thanks, 1937Fan and Major.

Andrew said...

Monstro may be interested in gulping down people, but he all he really cares about is their ice cream! I love the costume of the popcorn vendor, with the white pants and black shoes. The look is even completed with a straw hat. Today's CM costumes got nothin' on this guy. Thanks for sharing, 1937Fam!

Chuck said...

That popcorn vendor's outfit reminds me of Bert (Dick Van Dyke) in the "Jolly Holiday" segment (not to be confused with our friend, Molly Holliday) of Mary Poppins, which also came out in 1964.

"Tex" looks like he could have stepped right off the Triple R Ranch, although he's a bit more colorful than any of the boys there.

Thanks, 1937Fan!

Melissa said...

I love the not-so-cheerful looking couple on the bench to the left of the popcorn cart!

JC Shannon said...

I make it a point to never eat on the day after Thanksgiving, till my stomach returns to normal size. Still, 15 cents is a pretty good deal. Monstro is a world class snack grabber. No one is safe, not even kids in strollers. Thanks to 1937Fan, and Major P.

zach said...

Many thanks to 1937Fan and his aunt! But... 1/2 point lost for not including the hostess driving the train since I'm still not past the occasional crush on 1960's girls driving boats and trains.

I had to go back and look at the scans again after reading what you all noticed that I missed the first time. I'm distracted by the Coronavirus I guess. I'll be in my bunker.

True story, we were crashed on a bench a year or two ago, like the couple in the first scan, after some commando touring and a CM came by and said 'Walt wouldn't want you just sitting. Go have fun in the park!' I told him that, actually, Walt put this bench here, thank you very much.

In tomorrows scans will popcorn be 10¢?

Thanks again to 1937fan and the Major,


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I suppose it’s not unreasonable to expect popcorn prices to go up after 25 years (1961 vs. 1986) but something tells me that Disney inflated the price more than necessary.

TokyoMagic!, Easter bonnets aren’t just for Easter any more. Why don’t people wear lent bonnets? You’re noticing all kinds of things; when you mentioned the blond pony tail, I had to look extra close; dark brown hair, blond pony tail - with today’s crazy kids, anything is possible.

TokyoMagic!, I know that 1937Fan has been checking in, so she’ll appreciate your comment.

Lou and Sue, now they sell popcorn in those collectible popcorn containers that look like various items; I dunno, maybe Darth Vader’s head, or a Dumbo ride vehicle. Apparently people line up for hours to get one on the first day. I’m not interested, but good for them! And no, that’s not a tree, Monstro is salivating. They turned off that effect back in 1993.

K. Martinez, may I suggest vivid ultramarine blue and Peptol-Bismol pink, with gold accents?

Andrew, nobody can blame a whale for wanting ice cream, not even the meanest judge in the land. My friend Mr. X was a popcorn vendor, he has lots of good memories, including the costume, which he really liked. He was glad he got out before they switched to the red and yellow costumes that resemble the ones from “Hot Dog On a Stick”.

Melissa, those people are looking at the photographer so intently, they might be Russian spies.

Jonathan, ha ha, my weird brother used to eat plenty in the early part of the day, with the “logic” that it stretched out his stomach and allowed him to eat more of the Thanksgiving dinner later. I always thought that was so dumb.

dzacher, did they have hostesses driving the Casey Jr. trains? I’ve definitely seen many cute gals on the Storybook Land canal boats. The last time I rode it, we had a host instead of a hostess; it just wasn’t the same. I think it’s funny that the CM got on your case for taking a break! Walt’s story about watching his daughters at Griffith Park involved him sitting on a bench. I can think of all kinds of pithy replies to the CM. Here’s my favorite: “Oh YEAH?!”. I admit I could do better.

Melissa said...

But that story is about him not wanting to sit on the bench.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Just told by a WDW CM that a JC boat just sank with people on

1937 Fan said...

I'm so glad everyone is enjoying my Aunt's pictures. It was so exciting to find them hidden away in the closet!

Anonymous said...

@1937 Fan, thank you for sharing them, we love the memories.