Friday, February 14, 2020

A Few Rescans

Happy Valentines Day, everybody! I'd hoped to post something relevant to this special day, but eventually gave up due to lack of romantic content. So... howsabout some rescans? I know we did some just a few days ago, please complain to the management.

Back in ye olden days, ol' Major Pepperidge had a pretty crummy scanner. He (I) didn't know it at the time, being a mere babe in the woods, but some of those early scans are real dog doo. Luckily, I still have the slides, and and newer, much better scanner. See the results below!

Here's a photo of Fowler's Harbor, first posted on June 27, 2006. It's sort of interesting, with those guys frolicking at the water's edge. 

Here's the new rescan, and my oh my, the difference is very apparent. For one thing all of the detail stands out, crisply defined. Color adjustments helped a lot too. As was pointed out back in 2006, you can see what appears to be wooden shapes that would eventually be covered with chicken wire, sprayed with gunite, and painted as part of the tunnel to the Indian Village.

I'd sure love to know what those fellows are up to - paddling that modern rowboat around in broad daylight seems like it would be verboten.

This next photo originally appeared on July 28th 2006, and it features a nice look at the exit area for "Snow White's Scary Adventures" (the photo itself is from October of 1969). Dad is pointing out an interesting detail for his son, who is just happy to still be alive.

The new scan is sharper, with better color, and I like the way it looks, even though the improvement is not as remarkable.

I attempted to correct the perspective on that wonderful mural; it was tricky, but kind of neat in spite of its flaws!

I hope you have enjoyed today's rescans.


Nanook said...

Improvements abound-! I'm quite fond of how the new and improved mural really 'pops'-! (It's definitely much scarier).

Thanks, Major, for this lovely Valentine.

TokyoMagic! said...

Another great re-scanning job! Thanks, Major!

And I didn't even notice those people hanging out on the porch in Fowler's Harbor, in that first scan.

Those buildings are reminding me a little bit of the ones from the 1980 film, "Popeye."

Andrew said...

I was just looking at old posts and came across these two photos yesterday. I enjoy looking back, but you're right in that you've come a LONG way in almost 14 years! I liked that Snow White one so much that I saved it to my computer, and now I have an improved version. :) Thanks for the post!

Chuck said...

That wooden form for the future tunnel reminds me of using cardboard strips and paper towels dipped in plaster of Paris to build mountains on a model railroad. Same basic concept.

Thanks for taking the time to do the rescans, and particularly the effort at bringing out the Snow White mural. For all of the complaints about the simplicity of the original "tournament" facades, I really miss the original murals.

Gnometrek said...

Once again you surpassed yourself Major. This is truly a labor of love. So happy valentine's day to all and to all a great rescan.

JC Shannon said...

Chuck got me thinking that Disneyland is kinda like a model railroad layout,
everything is to scale and surrounded by railroad tracks. When I was a kid I had a Lionel O gauge layout I thought was pretty cool. Walt just took it to a new level. A great big new level. I saw a video of a guy who built a Mine Train scale model in his basement or something. Heck, if I had that, I would never leave home. Great job sharpifying all these old scans. Keep 'em commin' Major!

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Aw cmon' nothing is more romantic than adjusted hue,increased saturation and a healthy dose of elevated unsharp masking.

I agree with @TokyoMagic I didn't even notice the people on the porch at Fowler's.

Nice job on the rescans. Thanks

zach said...

Thank you, Major. This is the 2nd best valentine I've gotten today, after Mrs dz.

Happy Valentine's day to all,


Anonymous said...

Major, it's fine work that you should be proud of.

Any pics of old Disneyland make fine Valentines gifts, and these are no exception.

Thanks for your hard work helping us remember.


Melissa said...

"Walt just took it to a new level. A great big new level."

A great big, beautiful new level!

Wowie wow wow, the rescans are the bee's knees! And what's more romantic than Snow White?

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I’m sure there are many better photos of the mural, but THIS ONE IS MINE!

TokyoMagic!, those guys are playing “ding dong ditch”! And yes, Fowler’s Harbor does look like Sweethaven.

Andrew, when you think about it, you now owe me $50,000. (Hey it was worth a shot).

Chuck, how are you feeling, man?! I am jealous of your memories building a model railroad, something I always wanted to do when I was a kid. But moving every 3 years or so (Navy life) meant that we couldn’t build a huge diorama unless we wanted to trash it eventually.

Gnometrek, thank you!

Jonathan, I don’t think that Disneyland’s resemblance to a model RR is a coincidence. I was spoiled by seeing spectacular train layouts at a local museum, so I would have settled for nothing less. I remember the lighting would change from daytime to nighttime at this museum, it was the best. I wonder if it’s still there??

Alonzo, you are a true romantic! I did all the things you mentioned, but the new scanner also just resulted in a better image, even though they were scanned at the same dpi.

dzacher, aw, happy Valentine’s Day to Mrs. Dz!

JG, believe it or not it’s actually kind of fun for me to go back and rescan some of these old images. The more terrible they looked in 2006 (or so), the better my new results are going to be. Probably.

Melissa, Snow White is pretty romantic. It gets some flak for being old fashioned, but my gosh, can’t we have some old-fashioned romantic stories (especially when the story truly is centuries old)? They don’t all have to have the female character adept at parkour and electric guitar! That doesn't mean she can't be smart and resourceful, I just get tired of lazy storytelling shorthand. I used to work on a show (which I won't name here) and it just about made me weep, the main character (an updated classic character) was “cool” because he rode a skateboard, had a backwards baseball cap, and was in a band.

Nanook said...

"... the main character (an updated classic character) was “cool” because he rode a skateboard, had a backwards baseball cap, and was in a band." And need there be more to life than that, I ask you-??

Chuck said...

Major, you worked on the "Poochie" shorts? I'd be tickled pink to have that credit.

I'm back at work. Still have a lot of congestion and am pretty tired a lot of the time, but I'm doing much better than I was last week.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! XOXO

Major, keep the re-scans coming. I love the before and after scans. Thank you for all your hard work!


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, is wearing one’s pants backwards still a thing?

Chuck, I WISH I had worked on the Poochie episodes. Especially when he returned to his home planet and died. Glad to hear that you are on the mend, even if not quite 100% yet.

Lou and Sue, Happy Valentine’s Day to you (and Lou!) too. Thanks for all of your nice comments and for all of the photos you share.

nick said...

Magnificent re-scans! Thanks for making the effort and sharing all your hard work with the rest of us old-ka-teers