Thursday, October 03, 2019

Yet Even More Pix From Frontierland '77 & '78

Here are more picture scans from the Mysterious Benefactor!

It's not every day that you get to walk across a rustic suspension bridge, but these people aren't fazed  at all. This is a great view, and I love the warm sunlit tones of the colors.

Next is this low-to-the-water shot of a Davy Crockett Explorer Canoe, probably taken from another canoe. So cool to see how the canoe skims over the river, as if it was part of it.

Whoa, I think I bumped my head, everything looks so colorful! I wonder what event took place on the river in 1978? The dancers are wearing shirts with Mickey's face on them, I think '78 was considered to be Mickey's 50th Birthday ("Steamboat Willie" was released in 1928). Or maybe this was the "Rollin' River Revue"?

Some of these scans tend to run a bit dark, but you can still feel the warm sunshine in this pretty picture, with the entrance to Frontierland framed by blossoms of many colors.

Well, that ends this folder from the Benefactor of Mystery. But guess what? There are 12 more folders to go! That's over 1000 photos to share with you. Many thanks to the M.B.!


Nanook said...


As per usual - more wonderful images from the M B.

Thanks, Major.

"Lou and Sue" said...

That canoe is really laying low!

Fun pictures!

Give the MB a huge hug for us - we're looking forward to seeing more of his (her?) pictures!!


TokyoMagic! said...

The blonde girl on the suspension bridge looks like she's channeling the Brady girls. Or maybe since this is the late seventies, she's channeling "Fake Jan" (Geri Reischl).

It's odd that the Mark Twain has those Mickey Mouse vest-wearing performers on the first and third decks, but then on the second deck, there are at least a couple performers who appear to be just wearing street clothes.

Thanks to M.B. and the Major!

Andrew said...

There's just something about 1970s pictures that gives them a particular hue - they seem to really bring out the sunlight. Also, those flowers outside the entrance to Frontierlad give the area a "mild west" look, which is refreshing. Thanks to "MB!"

Scott Lane said...

There's also a dwarf on the 2nd deck to the extreme right.

Scott Lane said...

These are absolute beauties! Thank you MB and Major for continuing to help make it worth getting out of bed in the morning.

Gnometrek said...

These are all fantastic photos. I especially like the last one. So colorful. Question, the birds of paradise in the last scan have to go back to the Tiki Room after their break?

Stu29573 said...

For some reason the last picture really gives me a "You are here!" vibe. Very nice! The Mark Twain looks a bit like a ghost ship haunted by Grim Grinning Mousekateers...or maybe it's just the season getting to me...Not that there's anything wrong with that...

JC Shannon said...

I love all of these pics. It's not a bump on the head, it's all those mushrooms Alice was handing out. Maybe that's what the odd fashion was all about. I certainly dressed tastefully. Thanks to Major and MB. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to put on my Nudie suit and head out to the market.

Tom said...

Wonderful photos today! The colors, the contrasts and the angles are superb. I think that shot of the entrance to Frontierland is my favorite of all time.

Anonymous said...

A real trip down memory lane for me. Makes me feel justified in thinking that the 70s were a good time to work in the park! KS

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, these are particularly nice, I concur!

Lou and Sue, it’s amazing how close the river water is to the top of that canoe - it makes me nervous, 40 years later! I can’t give the MB a hug, he’s too far away. On another planet? Perhaps.

TokyoMagic!, please tell me you had to look up Fake Jan’s real name! I would be extra-impressed if you just knew it was “Geri Reischl” off the top of your head. You’re right, those people on deck 2 don’t seem to belong there, I wonder what was going on.

Penna. Andrew, these photos do have a particularly golden cast to them, almost as if they’d been dipped in honey; it really imparts a cozy nostalgic feeling.

Scott Lane, for 20 points, which Dwarf is it??

Scott Lane, you’re welcome, glad you enjoyed these.

Gnometrek, I would like to believe that the birds of paradise wanted to go back to the Enchanted Tiki Room. It’s where they were happiest.

Stu29573, I think the “you are here” quality is thanks to these all being taken by a professional photographer, they make everything feel so “within reach”, instead of far away and inaccessible. I’ve often thought that the Mark Twain resembles the skeleton of some giant creature!

Jonathan, Disneyland on ‘shrooms must be an interesting experience. I wouldn’t know because I’m a good boy! But my best buddy has loads of stories of doing things on mushrooms, I admit that it sounds intriguing! “The trees were breathing!”, and such.

Tom, that fourth pic is a beauty, I only wish it wasn’t so dark; as it is I had to lighten it way up to get it to this point!

KS, for sure, the 70’s were definitely still part of that “Golden Zone”; and I think that moved into the 80’s. Not sure if the Eisner era is when things started to go downhill for CMs in general. “These employees have it too good! They’re enjoying their jobs too much!”.

Anonymous said...

Major, thanks so much to you and the MB for these.

Best time in Disneyland. That entry shot of Frontierland is the best.

Mom always hated the suspension bridge and refused to walk on the keg bridge.


Melissa said...

It looks like Barbie's Malibu Steamboat!