Thursday, October 17, 2019

Little Pigs in Fantasyland, July 1976

In general I was never into meeting the costumed characters at Disneyland; but it's fun to look at pictures of other people (especially children) meeting them!

We're over by It's a Small World, and the Big Bad Wolf and some of the Little Pigs are up to some mischief. The highlight was when the Fifer Pig (or is it the Fiddler Pig?) gave the BBW an atomic wedgie. I can practically hear the "Goofy holler" now.

Notice the sea of blue plastic seats in the distance for the "Small World Stage" (you can just see a chunk of the proscenium to the right). During (and after) the 2-year construction of Space Mountain, this was the primary stage on the east side of the park - it was presumably removed when Toontown was built.

A group of kids is huddled around the Practical Pig. He's telling them about his golden days in Hollywood, when he dated Myrna Loy, drove a Packard limousine, had a house in Bel Air, and always got the best table at the best nightspots, like the Earl Carrol Theatre. But he has no regrets! The kid with the folded arms has no idea who Myrna Loy is, but a good story is a good story.

The adults nearby seem as delighted to meet the PP as the kids. "I thought he'd be taller!", says the lady in the white dress (many celebrities are smaller than you'd expect). IASW makes for an impressive backdrop, and it looks like the rooftop trees are still there. 


Nanook said...

Mr. 'folded arms' is all business - just check-out his belt buckle-! Do not mess with him. In the last image, he seems to be performing a bit of 'tailoring' work on PP's sleeve. "Yes, not too worry - we'll have that alteration ready to go prior to the Fantasy In the Sky Fireworks show-!"

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Myrna Loy, star of Airport '75, one of the greatest movies of all time.

Major, the Small World Stage was removed either just before, or just after Space Mountain opened.

Chuck said...

The Small World Stage lasted at least into the summer of 1977, although the seating would have been removed when the Space Stage opened in January of 1977. It would definitely have had to have been removed for the Videopolis construction.

Always fun to see the reactions of kids to the characters. All of my parents' photos of my sister and I with them show small knots of kids in various states of excitement or lack thereof. There's usually somebody like Mr. Buckle (I think he won that during his pro wrestling career) trying to figure out if he's embarrassed or going to give in and have fun. I know that it's me in at least one photo series.

JC Shannon said...

Like all the screen legends, Practical Pig got all the girls. These kids do seem like they are listening intently to a good story. Thanks Major.

Andrew said...

Yes, JC Shannon, all I could think of is what campfire story the Practical Pig was telling those kids!

Didn't the three pigs costumes have limp arms, making them especially prone to being pushed over?

"Lou and Sue" said...

The kid in the orange and yellow shirt photo-bombed all three pictures. He gets around.

I don't recall that the pigs spoke (?) If they didn't, I wonder what the kids are listening to??

Fun pictures, Major!


Anonymous said...

The characters are supposed to be silent, though I can't vouch that they were at all times. Back then it was usually safe enough for them not to have escorts...they took care of each other.

It's interesting to me how memories of that era can be triggered. I think I know the TG in that third picture...surprising since her back is to the camera. KS

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, the kid uses his belt (and buckle) just like Pootie Tang (a movie that everyone thinks is terrible except for me). In the third pic I think the kid is suggesting a nice seersucker fabric for a new suit.

TokyoMagic!, YES! Sure, she won an Academy™ for “The Best Years of Our Lives”, but when she introduced herself later, she said, “I played the drunk lady in Airport ‘75.

Chuck, ah, I forgot about Videopolis. I don’t think I ever walked near that place somehow, if it wasn’t for photos, I wouldn’t know it existed. The kids in today’s photos met several other characters, you’ll see in upcoming posts. Belt Buckle Kid doesn’t look so reserved in some of the other pix.

Jonathan, girls love a man who is handy around the house. I’m telling you, Practical Pig has so many Hollywood stories, I wish he’d written a tell-all autobiography.

Penna. Andrew, he might be telling them about when he went fishing with Lee Marvin. Let’s just say things got violent.

Lou and Sue, that kid was slowly reducing his orbit until he could get close enough to his hero without seeming creepy. It’s the best way.

KS, I’ve heard stories of people in costumes being thrown into the castle moat, which seems hard to believe. Who would do such a thing? And yet, there are some really dumb people out there, so it’s possible. Who is the “TG”?? Tall girl? Tiny gremlin? Terrific gymnast?

Nanook said...

Try 'tour guide'. (KS had me going there too, for a moment).

"Lou and Sue" said...

Thanks, Nanook - I'm glad you clarified that! 'cause when I googled "TG" - that's not the definition I got, and so I then decided it was best to drop the issue.


Anonymous said... Park parlance that's what TG means. KS

"Lou and Sue" said...

Thanks, KS! What years and where did you work in Disneyland?, if you don't mind me asking. Just curious, as I LOVE hearing behind-the-scene stories and interesting facts from CM's! :)