Sunday, October 27, 2019

Monstro Snax, July 1976

I still think that Walt Disney missed out on a lot of drama and kinetic movement when he decided to build Monstro Der Whale as a static feature. I told him that Monstro's huge jaws should shut in the blink of an eye with several tons of force (like a crocodile), but he wouldn't listen! And that's why Disneyland never caught on.

Here are three troublemakers. They think they're so cool! Why, I would wipe those smug smiles off their faces - if I wasn't so intimidated by them. I mean, there are three of them and only one of me! You understand.

When compared to the former image, you can see that Monstro's eyelid is slowly closing over the bright blue eye. I told Walt Disney that it should open and close quickly, and make loud clacking noises. But he wouldn't listen! Speaking of eyes, I'm still keeping my eye on those meddling kids.


Nanook said...


My oh my... run for your lives-! Those 'young toughs in the making' are about to wreak havoc throughout The Park - in spite of some rather extreme bell bottoms. (If only Monstro weren't captive-! Chomp... chomp...)

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

I've never thought to look before now, but does anyone know if there is a visible door or hatch on the "inside" of Monstro, for servicing the eyeball?

I miss this version of Monstro. I wish when they built the new version, they had copied the old one exactly.

Andrew said...

This version definitely looks more menacing. Those pointy teeth are ready to strike! And speaking of "blue sky" concepts... wouldn't it be cool if there was a waterfall at the end of the tunnel blocking the way? It could shut off right as the boat approaches to "magically reveal" Storybook Land (but then again, maybe this would be a disaster waiting to happen).

"Lou and Sue" said...

It's our 3 little friends that were visiting the 3 little pigs, a couple weeks ago! I see Junior-Attitude is getting more rebellious as the day wears on . . . he now has his shirt untucked.

Someone isn't doing their job . . . I see trash sitting on the rocks, in front of the stroller. If that stroller belongs to them, I wonder where the baby/toddler is - why isn't that kid in the picture also? Just wondering . . .

Fun pictures of those kids - especially in front of Monstro. (I had forgotten that his eye blinked.)


JC Shannon said...

Hardened hooligans at 9, they probably grew up to be gangstas, you know or politicians. Monstro is a favorite of mine as is Storybook Land. Anything left of the original really. Thanks Major.

K. Martinez said...

I wonder if Monstro had a decent dental plan under Disney?

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, if I could zoom in enough you would be able to see that their teeth have been filed into razor-sharp points!

TokyoMagic!, of course there is an indoor hatch, just like on real whales. I leaned all about it on “Animal Planet”. I’ve always wondered why they made the newer Monstro so blue - he doesn’t look like that in “Pinocchio”.

Andrew, I like your waterfall idea - but then again, I like almost any waterfall idea! I suppose that it would be kind of terrible if the sensor failed and a boatload of guests were drenched!

Lou and Sue, you’ll see these stinkers again, just you wait! I’d like to think that the kid with attitude is not so bad, he’s just a spazz. It happens. The cup on the rocks might belong to that family, so I’m not going to write to my congressman or Reader’s Digest just yet. But give me a reason!

Jonathan, once they all started walking in unison and snapping their fingers, it was too late - these kids were heading for the penitentiary.

K. Martinez, he had Delta Dental, and for a small co-pay he received excellent care!

Chuck said...

In that first picture, Monstro's giving us the eye along with the kids. He's part of the gang, too.

Andrew's idea reminds me the waterfall that blocked the entrance to the treasure cave on Sic Flags Over Texas' LaSalle's Riverboat Expedition, although I think that on that ride a rock wall opened rather than the waterfall turning off.

Looking forward to seeing more of the Whales! (That is the gang's name, right?)

Melissa said...

Either the Whales or the Monstrosities.

Anonymous said...

Love Monstro, this concept was present in very early sketches of Disneyland.

I thought for years that the moving eye was only my imagination since I remembered it, but it no longer moved. Turns out it broke and they didn't fix it for years.

Same with the waterspout, he used to spray water, but again, didn't keep up the machinery.

As Major says, he is probably full of access doors inside, just like real whales.

Andrew, the waterfalls could part side-to-side much like the ones at the old tahitian terrace.


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