Monday, August 26, 2019

Three Snapshots

It's snapshot time! Not as fun as Hammer time, but then again, what is? 

Lydia the Leopard Lady is enjoying her day at the park. Frontierland looks very pretty in the afternoon light (with that overcast sky) - the Mark Twain is luminescent. The river is glassy smooth, but that's not unusual. 

I would assume that in the 1960's, that coat had to have been made from a real leopard, which is kind of a bummer.

The next two (dated "December 1967" as you can see) are from the Dance Circle - the later version with the stadium-style seating. I especially like this first picture with the Indian dancers, the audience, the river, and the Mark Twain with a woodsy Frontierland in the distance.

Take two!


K. Martinez said...

Hammer time? Ironically, I just finished watching a Hammer Horror film with Peter Cushing. I didn't watch it with him. He was in it.

I have a fondness for white border photos as they totally bring me back to the 1960's and 70's.

As for the pics themselves, I don't think I've seen that many backs of heads in a single shot. Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

This must have been a fun day at the Park, despite the chill. You can tell it's a vintage shot because it's December and not a single Christmas decoration is in sight.

In the last two photos, note the four sailors sitting in the second row at the extreme right.

Ken, for a brief moment, I had a vision of you watching a movie in a theater with Peter Cushing, a la An American Werewolf in London. Then I read on and my perception was corrected. Can't say I'm not just a teeny bit disappointed. Not that you watched the horror movie, but that you didn't have a chance to be in one.

Andrew said...

The photo of the Mark Twain and Indian Village could be spectacular if it was in high-definition. Riverboat in the first of the pair, canoe in the second!

Stu29573 said...

The only thing that would make these better is a wookie or two! Or how about having the Avengers dancing around instead of Indians? Let's charge all those "guests" a 200.00 upcharge for "river adjacent" seating! Lookit me! I'm Imagineering! I got a million of 'em folks!

"Lou and Sue" said...

Isn't that Bing Crosby in the back row?!


Irene said...

Regarding the leopard coat in the first photo. I believe that is home sewn. Why? Because I have one exactly like it that my mother sewed. She took a sewing class (not sure why as she was already an excellent seamstress and sewed many of my Halloween costumes when I was little). This was her project. I will sometimes wear it especially if there is some kind of wild animal theme thing going on that I am attending.

Good one Stu - sad but true.

K. Martinez said...

Andrew, Just think if they had HD digital technology back then. There would've been some amazing color interior shots of early Disneyland and Walt Disney World attractions like Rainbow Caverns and the early Fantasyland dark rides to name a few.

JG said...

Any shot of the river is a good shot, and these are just fine.

Thanks Major.


Nanook said...

Between the two shots, we have two babushka's, and a see-thru umbrella on the left - with the possibility of more umbrellas at the extreme right.

@ Lou and Sue-
Der Bingle, perhaps.

@ Stu29573-
Careful with those 'ideas' - Imagineering spies could be lurking-around here...

Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I only wish that “Hammer Time” meant Hammer horror movies! Ingrid Pitt, Helen Court, Caroline Munro, Madeline Smith, and so on.

Chuck, yeah, it’s kind of amazing how modest the Christmas decor was back in those days. Funny, I usually notice it when military men are at the park, but the missed those sailors entirely. Probably visiting from Long Beach.

Penna. Andrew, luckily I have plenty (too many?) good photos of the Mark Twain in my collection!

Stu29573, it’s ideas like those that will make the big bucks and finally turn Disneyland into a place that people will want to visit! You’re hired.

Lou and Sue, I’d recognize that hat anywhere. He’s probably carrying a flask full of Minute Maid orange juice.

Irene, you might be right - I thought that the lady’s coat looked stiff and a little bulky, which made me think that it might be fur. Although perhaps a real leopard skin coat would be very soft, what do I know. I’d prefer that a big cat didn’t die to be a piece of clothing!

K. Martinez, I think about that ALL THE TIME.

JG, the Dance Circle pix aren’t the best, but as you say, any photo is a good one.

Nanook, hm, with the babushkas and the umbrella, I can’t help wondering if a little drizzle was coming down, at least intermittently?

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Nice coat Lydia! Most likely to keep her warm AND to cover up all her tattoos.

Like Groucho used to sing...."You can learn a lot from Lydia".

Nice pics Major, thanks for posting.

Major Pepperidge said...

Alonzo, I am very familiar with that song. Remember when it was used in "Breaking Bad"?

Melissa said...

Oh, wow! I've never seen a picture of the Indian dance circle from this angle, so I had *no* idea it was that close to the river. Mjnd blown!

A few years back I was making costumes for a play and we had decided that one character should have lots of leopard print in her wardrobe. I spent so long cruising fabric stores and thrift shops for anything leopard skin that it still jumps out at me whenever U see it "in the wild." What I wouldn't have given for a coat like that!