Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Along Main Street, September 1966

Good old Main Street USA! If this was Main Street USSR, everything would be built with gray cinder blocks (and beets, probably). But we are lucky and got these beautiful buildings instead. City Hall, where the Phantom of Disneyland lives (workers sometimes see him in the uppermost window!). And of course, Walt's apartment was on the upper floor of the Firehouse - he had an excellent view of Town Square from up there. Notice the Global Van Lines truck.

I told Walt Disney that West Center Street could be a place where people go to buy corn nuts, beef jerky and Slim Jims™, but my idea was overruled for a Flower Market. Their loss! Think of the spike in soda sales if they'd sold those salty treats. You know what they say, though... no idea ever goes away; maybe they'll put in a Beef Jerky Street in Shanghai.


"Lou and Sue" said...

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful day!


Chuck said...

That first one is postcard-worthy. In fact, it's nearly View-Master-worthy. I think we have a Trinidad sighting just in front of the fire truck.

I love the hand-lettered signs in the Flower Mart.

Thanks, Major.

Andrew said...

Wonderful shots; I feel like I could jump right in.

Let's all go for a surrey ride!

Stu29573 said...

You put some creepy purple and green uplighting on City Hall, add a little fog and maybe the organ music from "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" and...it's still not as cool as The Haunted Mansion. Oh well, the Phantom will just have to make do, I suppose!

K. Martinez said...

The first image is definitely postcard-worthy, but so is the second image. Even though I started going to Disneyland in the early 1960's, I don't think I've ever seen a Main Street Surrey in operation back then.

I used to love Corn Nuts until my teeth told me otherwise. Thanks, Major.

Chuck, good eye spotting the Trinidad.

Major Pepperidge said...

Lou and Sue, please tell me how I can go to Disneyland in September, 1966!

Chuck, believe it or not, I did not even notice the white wing. I must have been in a hurry (as is often the case). Maybe the firetruck driver is asking him is “business is picking up”. Get it? I crack myself up!

Penna. Andrew, it’s funny, I think we all dream of being able to jump into these pictures. It goes back a long time - to Buster Keaton’s “Sherlock Jr.”, or even jumping into the chalk drawings in Mary Poppins.

Stu29573, now I have the theme music from “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken” playing in my head! It would be cool to make Main Street “haunted”, but that will never happen. Sad tears.

K. Martinez, my friend Mr. X says he thinks that they stopped running the Surreys because they were so tiny. Even back then, when people were generally thinner, he said it was a really tight squeeze to fit in one. And yes, Corn Nuts are tasty, but potential tooth breakers too.

Stefano said...

"If this was Main Street, USSR"...It was 60 years ago, September 1959, that Krushchev raised a big stinksky because he was denied a visit to Disneyland. Understandable, if he saw park pictures like these.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures, Major.

Brings a tear to my old eyes to see the Flower Market in all it's glory.

Gotta run, working off-site today.


Nanook said...

As everyone has already intoned - these are both quite lovely. Also, on-display in the Town Square image are AP's for the Monorail, Tiki Room and the Submarine.

And once again, the Flower Market is a great place for the ladies. I would'a thought all those flowers would be a natural draw for fine, teenage boys, on the hunt for just the 'perfect' floral arrangement. I can't understand why it wasn't overrun with them.

Thanks, Major.

JC Shannon said...

Walt's apartment would be super cool to spend the night in. Listening to the sounds of the Jungle Cruise, and maybe the footsteps of Walt's ghost. Waa Haa haa! The flower market makes for a great background. Lots of shots were taken I bet. Hey do you suppose Walt is haunting the Haunted Mansion instead? Or maybe he is at the ticket booths instead, after all the prices today would probably have given him a heart attack. Thanks Major

K. Martinez said...

Nanook, ha, ha! At first I thought you were saying there were Annual Passes for the Monorail, Tiki Room and Submarine on display.

As for teenage boys looking for the perfect floral arrangement, young Ferdinand himself used to love smelling flowers. I myself bought a couple of flower arrangements from the Flower Mart for my mom when I was young. I even kept one for myself to put with my more "manly" Disneyland souvenirs.

Major Pepperidge said...

Stefano, “stinksky”? I didn’t know you spoke Russian!

JG, oh I see how it is. Work is more important than GDB. Fine.

Nanook, oh I saw those posters - I always look to see. Those three seem to be the ones that were displayed in that spot for a long time.

Jonathan, I wouldn’t put it past them to someday offer “a night in Walt’s apartment”. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already. They could add all kinds of tacky theming too. I hope Walt isn’t haunting Disneyland, that would be too sad for him to spend eternity there.

K. Martinez, yes, the “AP” threw me off for a second. That was nice of you to buy something for your mom - I only bought things for big old ME!

Nanook said...

@ Ken-
If it ever comes down to needing annual passes for those, or any attractions - heaven help us-! (Notice how I didn't say 'would never come to pass'...)

JG said...

Major, I'm back now. No, work is "not" more important than GDB! I posted before I left, and now I'm back checking on all of you to be sure you are following up.

That City Hall image has an almost 3D effect as a screen backdrop, it really is a great picture.

Talk about sacred ground, that Fire House apartment must be ground zero. I think Daveland got a tour there, I wonder how he swung that. Don't give them any ideas to rent it out, or they will, except I think I read that the bed was a fold-away couch, and that might be a drawback. Also certain that the bath doesn't meet wheelchair standards, and no room for an elevator. Recall also that remodeling to add these things to Club 33 was part of the reason for the loss of the Court of Angels, so not keen for any "upgrades" to the Fire House.

If ghosts can travel around, I'm sure he looks in now and then.


Dean Finder said...

Disney does offer a night in Cinderella Castle at WDW, which was planned to be the Disney family apartment there. There's no price - it's for special guests on invitation only.
Is the "Dream Suite" back at NOS after the "improvements?" If it is, I don't think they'd allow anyone to stay in Walt's apartment.

Nanook said...

Dean Finder-
Yes, the "Dream Suite" is back - but now it's "21 Royal" - a private dining space - for up to 12 persons/night. And at the 'bargain rate' of $15,000.00. Seems about right for today's society of extreme greed.