Monday, August 05, 2019

A Trio From 1996

Here are three more scans from 1996, thanks to Mr. X and his magic camera. "1996? Why that was just yesterday!". Nope, it was the day before yesterday.

I like this pretty view from the Plaza, looking toward an Omnibus. The driver must have taken a cigarette break, and can you blame him? Sweet, sweet nicotine. One lady has her arm dangling out the window, in a blatant disregard for the rules. Does anybody know what sort of tree was flowering in the foreground? Tomorrowland's swirling floral patterns were still flanking the entrance in those days.

I'm going to need some help with the next two - I know that Mr. X was in Frontierland, but beyond that I am not exactly sure where he was standing. I know he especially liked those shady awnings covered in vivid pink bougainvilleas. Is this near the outdoor dining area for Casa Mexicana? 

Here's another view of the same area - the pink foliage makes me think of Mary Blair's saturated colors.

Thanks to Mr. X!


Nanook said...


Nature's beauty at its finest as a part of Disneyland. How much of this beauty is left for guests to enjoy nowadays-?

Thanks Mr. X & The Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Nanook, I bet it's all been ripped out and paved over in anticipation of the horrendous crowds Wookie World was supposed to bring in. They actually called that project of ripping out planters and widening the walkways, "Project Stardust." I have a few choice names that I call it, but I'll refrain using them here!

I was going to the park a lot back in 1996, but no such luck seeing myself in one of the photos. Unless that's me behind the tree?

Nanook said...


That flowering tree in the first image could be an orchid tree...

Melissa said...

At first glance I thought the reddish trees in the last picture were big umbrellas.

Chuck said...

Major, I'm pretty sure the first photo was taken looking northwards from about
here. Big Thunder Mountain is behind the trees in the background. Current overhead imagery shows that that tree in the raised brick bed has been removed, but at least one of the awnings and the arid plantings on the right and left are still there.

I'm a little less certain, but I think the second photo was taken looking southeast from around here.

Man, do I want to be in this photo. The only things missing from my '94-'95 AP days are the Skyway and PeopleMover. Granted, those are lousy losses, but we still had so many things that are gone now, like nice plantings, benches, and elbow room.

Andrew said...

These are some really nice pictures that show off the park's beauty nicely. I know that some of it has been removed for better "crowd flow" and whatnot, but from pictures I've seen, Disneyland still looks to be one of the nicest landscaped parks anywhere. A lot of parks would greatly benefit from this same attention to the plantings. (I'm looking at you, Six Flags.)

"Lou and Sue" said...

Thank you, Mr. X, for sharing these beautiful pictures of the flowers and trees that gave Disneyland that gorgeous garden look! I hope you have more like these to share with us. Thanks, Major!


Stu29573 said...

The Magic Kingdom, thanks to its larger size, retains much of its plantings...Except for around the castle where that beautiful lawns have been removed for "beautiful" sidewalks. I'm not really a "plant guy," but even I admit that that losing that lawn really makes the whole castle less "real." I also "really like" using "quotes."

JC Shannon said...

Stu, can I quote you on that? :) TM, a classic case of money uber alles. I am a big landscape guy and don't care much for bare bones pavement. These photos are great. Full of color and beauty. Think of the hours of care it must have taken to create all those gardens. Thanks to Mr X and Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I have read that all of Frontierland was removed for “Galaxy’s Edge”!

TokyoMagic!, you must have read the same article as I did. “Project Stardust”, oy vey. You would be easy to spot in photos, with your white oval face! ;-)

Nanook, thank you! I’ve never even heard of an orchid tree. I wish I had a popsicle tree.

Melissa, the trees have been manicured to be shady umbrellas, in a way…

Chuck, thank you for the maps. Visual aids, just like in school! I wonder if that tree is the one that fell over at some point? I agree, these photos show a beautiful day at the park, and not that long ago, really. It’s such a disappointment that the beauty of the park was so drastically impacted by Galaxy’s Edge.

Penna. Andrew, it’s funny, Six Flags Magic Mountain (the only Six Flags park I’ve ever been to) does have some pretty areas, but it also has those large swaths of “nothing but concrete”. I think that the Disney company has realized that trees and flower beds don’t earn revenue, sadly.

Lou and Sue, I still have many very nice photos from Mr. X! At this point I have shared literally hundreds of his photos on GDB.

Stu29573, I’d heard about the changes around the castle (such as the stage that so many people seem to despise) - those nighttime fireworks and projection shows are popular, I guess they just “needed” the “room”. ;-)

Jonathan, you can use Stu’s quotes, but strictly “off the record”. One of Walt’s inspirations for Disneyland was Denmark’s “Tivoli Gardens”; Mr. X sent me an email telling me that the large tree in photo #3 was removed and that he wished he’d taken a better photo of it!

Nanook said...

I just realized, perusing picture #2 more carefully, that I can spot no fewer than six trash cans, in what - an area of about 30-ish square feet-? (Do I hear seven-?)

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful scenes for sure. I like the "orchid trees", but the Frontierland scenes are completely unfamiliar to me. This must have come and gone in the period when I could not visit.

Why does "progress" always require tearing out mature landscape?

Thanks Major and Mr. X!


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, by golly you're right. I presume they needed that many cans because guests sit on the low walls to eat, and the hope was that folks would properly dispose of their trash, rather than just leave it. Still, it's impressive!

JG, I'm with you (obviously), since I needed Chuck's help in locating this place. But that's OK, it's kind of refreshing to see a part of Disneyland that isn't instantly familiar! And as for your take on "progress"... it's sad but true.

Chuck said...

Whoops - I meant the second and third photo, not the first and second. That's what happens when you post at 4:35 a.m., before your first cup of decaf. But you guys are so smart, I can tell by your comments that you knew what I meant...and so polite, you didn't call me on it. I don't deserve virtual friends like you.

JG, one word: word.