Sunday, May 27, 2018

Two From '76

Here are two somewhat "blah" photos (because it's Sunday!) from 1976.

If nothing else, this is a different view of the Submarine Lagoon - I'm not really sure where our photographer would have been standing for this oblique angle. Maybe it was shot from one of the Tomorrowland vehicles (such as the Peoplemover)? I'm also curious about the walkway at the bottom of the image, and where it led to.

And... here's a muddy, murky shot of the Matterhorn, which makes me miss the Skyway. Again.


TokyoMagic! said...

Major, that walkway in the first pic is the old exit ramp at the eastern end of the Monorail station. Notice how the man and woman on the far right are "lower" than the other people. They've just rounded a bend in the ramp and are continuing their descent to ground level.

Nanook said...


And I just thought those folks were heading straight to Hades-! Bring back the Skyway.

Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

They can still make it to Hades if they swing by Toad Hall.

TokyoMagic! said...

Nanook and Melissa, all Disneyland attractions should end with a ride-thru or a walk-thru of Hades!

JC Shannon said...

I always love a shot of the Submarine Lagoon, so clear and colorful. That is an ominous looking photo of the Matterhorn, but still a winner. I loved the original "buckets", but I have to admit I liked the new ones better. I too miss the Skyway, some great pics of Disneyland have been taken from on high. Great stuff for a Sunday morn. Thank you Major.

Chuck said...

It looks like the Matterhorn is eating those Skyway buckets. You can see his eyes, ominous, unblinking vertical slits. I half expect him to shake awake and begin tearing through Anaheim as tiny tanks begin to roll through the streets in an attempt to stop him.

Note the waterfall to the left is switched off.

JC Shannon said...

@Chuck, good eye on the waterfall. I totally missed that!

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, that makes sense. I just figured that some of those people were 10 feet tall. Now I feel dumb. ;-)

Nanook, I have the feeling that we will never get anything like the Skyway (or Peoplemover) again. What we will get is more attractions based on movies.

Melissa, let’s just call it HELL! It’s more fun.

TokyoMagic!, they should all have the little bouncing devils from Mr. Toad, too.

Jonathan, I agree about the Skyway buckets - the early ones had some charm, but the newer ones were more roomy and practical.

Chuck, it’s like Mount Doom! They could use projections to make it look like the Matterhorn was spewing lava. Let’s get on it, Disney! I wonder why that waterfall was shut off?

Jonathan, I didn’t notice it either…

Nancy said...

the skys look so lonely these days at both parks without the Skyway buckets

Anonymous said...

That is an unusual vantage of the submarine lagoon, I like it. My first guess was that it was taken from the walkway in the foreground, but that was obviously wrong. I vote that it was taken from a PeopleMover car, but I'm open to other ideas of course.

Chuck, that's eerie. I didn't see it at first, now I can't un-see it. I always thought of the skyway caves as nostrils though, which would make the buckets boogers. (since this is the day to use vaguely inappropriate language).

Major, lava projections are an amazing idea. Stop saying it out loud.

Waterfalls and fountains are notoriously cranky equipment, architects love them because they are flashy, owners hate them because of maintenance, high utility costs and damage from wind-blown water onto adjacent finishes, which is rarely considered in design. It's very common to see them shut down intermittently or permanently converted into planters, as was done with the ones at the entry to TL 1967.

My guess, given the era of the photos, is that this one is shut down for repair or maintenance, also since it appears the bigger one to the left is still running. In later years, many Park waterfalls (Schweitzer Falls) were reduced in volume or eliminated due to electricity expense.

Maybe it's my imagination, but I'd like to think some of the park fountains are coming back a bit, possibly solar power is making it easier.