Thursday, May 24, 2018

Three Blasts From the Past

I hope you love reruns of "Welcome Back Kotter", or "Star Trek", or "Friends", because I am presenting three "reruns" today. They're pretty good ones though, just like the episode where Kirk has to battle the horrible *Gorn!

Boy oh boy, there's lots going on in this view of the northermost edge of Fantasyland (circa 1958). I originally posted this one 10 years ago. In the distance is the little Fantasyland train station, complete with a departing train. There's the Midget Autopia (slightly left of center), and the striped tent of the Junior Autopia (slightly right of center).

This second photo was also originally posted in 2008; it is a 1966 view of the Plaza (sort of). The Plaza Inn is out of frame to our right, and the Monsanto House of the Future is back there, not long for this world. Just lift it up with a crane, put it on a flatbed truck, and move it to my 2000-acre ranch, won't you?

From 1960 we get this neat view of the sailing ship "Columbia" as it begins its cruise along the Rivers of America. Who knew that a sailing ship would churn the waters so much! The best part of this photo is the stately Plantation House in the distance. I would love to sit out on the veranda, eat a quiet lunch, and take in the scenery!

I hope you have enjoyed today's repeats.

*Spoiler alert: Kirk defeats the Gorn.


Nanook said...


... Or re-runs of I Love Lucy-! (Well someone had to say it; and as TM! hasn't yet commented... That first image is a downright AutopiaPalooza-! And in that second image, I'm very concerned about that fella in the striped pant, as it appears an extra hand may be appended to his left cheek. The Columbia is almost too graceful to need any chatter from me. The ship says it all. And when you do grab a seat at The Plantation House, pease save one for me.

Thanks, Major, for running these delightful images again.

Nanook said...

I must be very tired - I mean that fella with the striped shirt; although my concern has not wavered... Perhaps it's a giant drumstick of some sort. (But this image pre-dates that food offering by many years).

TokyoMagic! said...

Oh, great, Major! I hadn't seen that episode of Star Trek yet!

These three pics remind me of the time that Lucy and Ethel....oh, never mind.

Nanook, I was also noticing that guy in the striped shirt. He's up to something, that's for sure. The man in the red jacket looks like he's calling out for him to come back, and the lady in the chartreuse outfit looks like she is having a good laugh over whatever it is that he's doing. It also looks like there's a baby passed out in the back of that stroller.

Melissa said...

Hey, did I ever tell you guys about the time I fought the Gorn? Man, that was some weekend!

These pictures are so relaxin' I can feel myself turnin' into Bing Crosby, buh buh buh buh... My heart beats once about every four minutes or so, buh buh bum... Where the blue of the night meets the gold of the day... *thunk*

Chuck said...

Wait - there's a Star Trek TV series???!!!

Stu29573 said...

We could play a game of "Spot the Gorn!" The trick, of course, is that in each picture, the Gorn is inside of something. Answers:
1. The Gorn is on the train.
2. The Gorn is riding the Matterhorn.
3. The Gorn was taking the picture. (Everybody knows Gorns don't like historic sailing ships!)
Join us next time when we "Corral the Khan!"

Tom said...

Oddly enough I've had the "Welcome Back, Kotter" theme running through my head all morning, before I arrived here so your reruns are perfectly welcome.

I love the unusual angle of that second shot - it's not often you catch the HOF, Matterhorn and edge of the north show building like that, with the hub in the foreground. It looks so clean and tidy, like it's made up of set dressings.

Needs more Gorn though.

Melissa said...

Grim grinning Gorn come out to socialize...

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, nope, never reruns of “I Love Lucy”! Come on, there are so many good shows to choose from. How about “The Rockford Files”?

Nanook II, I really can’t tell if the referee is eating something, or if it is just an artifact of scanning at high resolution. We weill never know.

TokyoMagic!, I guess the statute of limitations on spoilers is now at least 50 years! ;-) There’s a whole movie going on right in the middle of photo #2, and I didn’t even notice.

Melissa, I hope you knew how to make gunpowder from its basic ingredients, found in little heaps all around that museum.

Chuck, yes, there was an animated cartoon in the 1970’s. I’m sure you remember it now.

Stuart Powley, we can all use a little more Gorn in our lives! I can still remember the way the actor says that he will be “merc-i-ful” in killing Captain Kirk. It was the greatest.

Tom, it was weird when that show came out, because my mom and dad played songs by “The Lovin’ Spoonful” when I was growing up, and then there was that SAME VOICE (John Sebastian) singing the theme to “Kotter”. For some reason it blew my mind.

Melissa, all a Gorn needs is a little love, just like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.

Anonymous said...

Pics today are especially good for having been seen before. Like Star Trek "Arena", these are all classics.

Re the Gorn. I love how parts of Westworld is filmed in the same spot as that Star Trek episode. I'm sure that was done purposely to amplify the "artificial" nature of Westworld.


zach said...

I'm pretty sure stripped pants is making a run at Henry Kissinger who may be about to tie his shoe while his Secret Service contingent to the right has a smoke and is distracted by Goofy just out of view. Red sweater is shouting a warning and his friend is embarrassed by the whole thing. That's what I see, anyway.

I also see some fine scans worthy of a second look.


MonkeyMensch said...

And with this post today, Major, you were quick and merciful!

"No, don't beam me up yet, Scotty! I'm not done filling my duffel bag with "mineral" samples.Gimme another ten minutes!"

Melissa said...

He's not a referee; he's just got his bee costume on sideways.

JC Shannon said...

In photo #1, do I spy the Viewliner on the right hand side? I never had a chance to see it in person, but I have seen photos and read about it. I really like the guy in the stripped shirt. I think he just robbed Aunt Jemima's and that is a gooey stack of hotcakes in his hand. Ok I have way too much time on my hands. Now I suddenly have a hankering for old music. Gorn up the Country, Gorn a take a Sentimental Journey, Gorn to be Wild, stuff like that. Thanks Major for the great scans.

Tom said...
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Handsome said...

Allow me to totally geek out for a moment -- the Gorn was designed by artist Wah Chang. As a young man Mr. Chang did some uncredited maquette work on Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Bambi. There's a nice blurb about him halfway down the page at