Sunday, May 13, 2018

Random Instamatics

Random. Instamatics. GO!

First up is this photo from December, 1969, featuring a sign for a new attraction on Main Street (where Wurlitzer used to be), "Walt Disney: A Legacy For The Future". It's free! According to a list of Main Street lessees (thanks, Nanook), this attraction didn't actually open until January 15th, 1970. I am unclear as to what the displays inside were; did they show concepts for potential future attractions?  

Unfortunately this photo was underexposed, leaving it pretty murky. But it's always nice to see the Royal Street Bachelors! I can almost hear the jaunty music. They're right in front of the "One of a Kind Shop", with the "Court of Angels" to the right.

And finally, here's a rare shot from inside "Adventure Thru Inner Space"; there's the edge of a blue "Atomobile" in the rightcorner. The round thing in front of us is the "wrong" end of a telescope - guests would look up to see a gigantic eyeball observing them (the eye moved from side to side, a nice detail). We were "back on visual"! It made such an impression on my family that when my siblings were kids, we called the attraction "The Eye Ride". 


Nanook said...

The ‘Eye Ride’. How perfect. I have vague memories of what was in the Legacy of Walt Disney shop. I know there were some kind of displays (big help). Others, please chime-in.

Thanks, Major.


That location Disneyland A Legacy for the Future is is why I studied architectural design - became a model maker and why I worked for Disney!!

The earliest exhibit featured plans for CAL Arts , plans for Walt Disney World and future expansion plans for Disneyland. There were also a few Walt Disney historical displays - sort of a early version Walt Disney Story. When the Walt Disney Story opening the location focused more on just Disneyland expansion.

Anyway, in 1972 I was at Disneyland with my grandparents and we had missed the first evening’s performance of the then new Main Street Electrical Parade. We went to the hills brothers coffee house and my grandparents had coffee and desert and I had something while we waited for the second parade performance . I got impatient after desert was gone and kept walking into the building ( Disney Legacy) connected to the coffee house. I WENT CRAZY!! It was filled with models - a mining train with a flash flood town (Big Thunder & Thunder Mesa)- a clear cone with a red wire and blue wire “track” ( Space Mountain) and renderings and paintings - it was like a toy store!! When we returned home to San Diego I was making drawings and clay copies of what I had seen - mostly the runnaway mine train...a few years later we were at my grandparents for dinner and my grandpa brought out the newest issue of Disney News that featured a model of Big Thunder - not the same one that I had obsessed over , but close and the main idea was there! After I was OBSESSED with Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

When I was in my freshman year of college I was at a Disney party and got to meet Tony Baxter - I got to talk with him in length and explained how a model of Big Thunder at Disneyland when I was 5 put me in this design direction and obsession. He was confused at firsts - then was astonished I could remember so much detail from that exhibit. He explained that for about 1/2 of year while they prepped exhibits for the Walt Disney Story that opened in 1973, The Legacy For The Future exhibit showcase a ALL WALT DISNEY WORLD FUTURE PHASE TWO display and I was seeing Thunder Mesa & Thunder Mesa Runnaway Railroad model for WDW’s future. that TONY HIMSELF HAD BUILT!!!!

About a month later my friend who had hosted the party had given To y my address and I got a picture of that same model I had seen when I was only 5 signed “ to Mike; Dreams really can come true!”

Years later after working on several projects for WDI- I was put on a larger enhancement t project team - I didn’t know anything about it and the day my new boss brought me into the work room to catch me up to speed on the project I could see a model of Walt Disney World’s Frontierland - featuring Big Thunder Mountain as part of the project and I knew at the time I was in the exact place I was meant to be!!

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I attempted to take two pics of the eyeball in Adventure Thru Inner Space (one in the late 1970's and another in 1985). My pics came out very similar, with the reflection of the flash directly over the spot where the eyeball should be. I wonder if anyone ever got a decent photo of the eyeball.

JC Shannon said...

You CAN almost hear New Orleans jazz eminating from photo 2. Great memories of bringing a date to Disneyland and strolling around New Orleans Square in the evening. Dinner at the Blue Bayou, at a table near the water of course. The eyeball is the most stand out feature of the ride, love it. Thanks Major for the cool scans.

Patrick Devlin said...

Nice shots Major, thanks.

That's a truly inspirational story, Mike. Well I'm inspired, anyway.

K. Martinez said...

I wonder if it ever got Pink Eye and they had to shut down ATIS because of it? Thanks, Major.

Loved reading your story, Mike! Thanks for sharing it!

JC Shannon said...

@Mike Cozart, Loved your post, I would love to see some of your work.

Anonymous said...

Mike, that's a fascinating story. Having worked next door at Hills, I was able to view those models too. And let's not forget the guys in N.O. Square too. I can still hear the music as I'd exit Pirates on my way downstairs for lunch at "The Pit'. KS

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I just realized something. That's the "Royal Courtyard" next door to the One Of A Kind Shop. The "Court of Angels" is just down the street (and is now used as the "new" entrance to Club 33, making it off limits to the general public, unfortunately).

Melissa said...

Wow, Mike! That's amazing!

I really treasure that third picture; I've been fascinated with Adventure Through Inner Space since I first heard of it, and any scrap of visual info helps me fill in my imagination. I've seen the virtual ridethrough, but that only goes so far. That's a real "You Are There" image.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, ha ha, I was pretty sure that “some kind of displays” was the answer! But it is good to have it confirmed.

Mike Cozart, wow, what a great story. And of course it makes me wish I had seen all of those models and all of that artwork. Amazing that the whole thing made such an impression that it shaped your future and your career! I’m sure I would have loved it too, but I doubt I would have had the drive and energy to actually try to build my OWN models. Have any of yours survived? Or did your mom throw them out (along with your mint copy of “Action Comics #1”)?? ;-) Very cool also that Tony B. sent you a photo of that model - not only was he actually listening, but he took the time to do something nice. Thanks for the fun comment and personal history.

TokyoMagic!, the only good photo I’ve ever seen is on a Tomorrowland “Viewmaster” reel - I’m sure you’ve seen it online. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but, long ago, I was in contact with a person (I can’t even remember WHY or HOW) who said that his former father in-law had the eyeball in storage somewhere in Tujunga. I wonder if it was true, and if so, where the heck is the eyeball today?

Patrick Devlin, inspirational is just the word.

K. Martinez, ew, pink eye. I’ve never had that malady, thank goodness. There is a song by the band “Ween” called “Pink Eye On My Leg”. Greatest. Song. Ever.

Jonathan, Mike Cozart has shown some of his model work on his old blogs, though they have been dormant for years. Maybe he’ll fire them up again (fingers crossed).

KS, I am jealous of all of your inside knowledge and experiences.

TokyoMagic!, wow, thanks for the correction, I screwed that one up!

Melissa, Jeremy Marx has done a 3-D virtual ride-through of the attraction. I can’t do anything with it on my Mac, but apparently some people have been able to view it and it is supposed to be amazing.

fuzzhead said...

The Giant Eye would sometimes be red because the microscope was actually a giant bong!

Nanook said...

@ Mike Cozart-

What wonderful memories. Thanks so much for sharing them.



Yes I’ve neglected my blogs - partially because of being busy but mostly because my older computer and problems with Google Chrome —but I have a brand new computer up and running and should be posting again - especially on TOMORROWLOUNGE blog - I have posts already waiting in the que - including Tomorrowland Speedramps, Tomorrowland ‘67 signage and Starcade ‘76 murals and the final posts to the Rocket Jets posts. I also have some ready-to go posts for DISNEY PARK ATTRACTION POSTERS and some details about the new second version of the attraction poster book being worked on right now. COZART DESIGN & MODEL will have to wait s bit for some updates partially due to some confidentiality agreements and copyrights etc.....

K. Martinez said...

Major, I had pink eye once as a young adult and it's as awful as you'd think it is.

Mike, I'd love it if you started posting again on TOMORROWLOUNGE. I liked that blog. It sounds like you've still got some great stuff and stories to share.

Melissa said...

I can't wait for your updates, Mike! Tomorrowlounge has always been a favorite.

I had pinkeye at age ten, and all I remember is that I got to stay out of school so I wouldn't give it to the other kids. Mom took me to breakfast on the way home from the docto on the way home from the doctor, and I had cinnamon Danish for the first time. Now, either cinnamon Danish or pinkeye makes me think of the other.


I got pink eye on three different trips to Hong Kong . Airplane travel tips to Hong Kong : DONT WEAR CONTACT LENSES ON PLANE

JG said...

@Mike Cozart, what a great story. Thank you for recounting it. Please do re-start your blog, your earlier posts are fascinating. I would have loved a career like that. Never dreamed it was possible.

Jazz music with dinner at the French Market and "MMAAAGGGGINNNIIIFICAAATIIOONNNNNNN".