Friday, March 23, 2018

Skyway & More, July 1972

Here are some neat photos of a bustling Tomorrowland, circa 1972. 

First up is this cool shot as we zoomed away from the Tomorrowland Skyway terminal - we are moving backwards toward the Matterhorn and Fantasyland. I love so many details, such as the Peoplemover vehicles overhead, the cobalt blue steel in the Skyway terminal, and the Autopia. I assume that the little souvenir booth was designed by Rolly Crump? Looks like it needed a makeshift shade to keep the sun off of the poor employees.

Hey, there's one of those weird pale yellow gondolas! Doesn't someone have a list of the official Skyway gondola colors (maybe Mike Cozart, knower of all things)? I love the flashes of bright colors on the clothing, including the woman's dress with the bright green stripes in the lower left. 

Next, we are on the upper level of the Carousel of Progress building, looking toward the Tomorrowland Terrace (who is performing?!). Look at all the people! It was July, after all - peak season in those days. Folks are lining up to ride things like the Rocket Jets, Adventure Thru Inner Space, and that mover of people. Others are lining up to eat the most delicious hamburgers in the world.


Nanook said...


Tomorrowland IS a world on the move - especially with all that groovy clothing-!


Chuck said...

In the last photo, down near the bottom edge, below the stage, there's a kid with a fountain pen stuck in his/her head. The kid to the left of that is wearing a white-eared Mouse hat variant.

I could get lost in these photos, people-watching, for hours. Thanks, major!

Alonzo P Hawk said...

I would have to agree. This corner of the park (in this era) was full of sound and movement. Stand in front of the hat stand, close your eyes and listen. You will hear no less than Autopia cars, skyway clacking out of the station, peoplemover cars clicking overhead, the occasional whir of the COP moving to the next scene and the DLRR passing by. WOW, put a band in the tomorrowland terrace and we're on auditory overload. I do miss this amount of energy. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Thw ticket booth is actually the Tomorrowland version of the Mad Hatter hat shop.

K. Martinez said...

Just think! There are generations who have never experienced this Tomorrowland and many Disneyland visitors today who don't even know it ever existed. Thanks, Major.

Anonymous, yes, it's the "Mod Hatter" which later became "The Hatmosphere".

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, it was the best Tomorrowland ever!

Chuck, people forget that kids liked to stick fountain pens in their heads back then. What a nutty fad! Good eye, noticing the white mouse ears!

Alonzo, now you can stand there and watch the Jedi Academy. Arg. It is sort of cute the way the little kids are so into it but… after one viewing, the thrill is gone. After reading your comment, I kind of wish I had a recording of the ambient noises of 1972 Tomorrowland.

Anon, yes, now that I look closer, I do see hats down there in that shop…!

K. Martinez, those generations are the worst and should go away. Joking, everyone, joking! Let’s all just enjoy a cool Snapple beverage and calm down! I always like the name “Mod Hatter” better than “The Hatmosphere”, personally.

Patrick Devlin said...

What great imagery regarding the sounds there, Alonzo.

As much as I miss this version of Tomorrowland I still hold out hope for improvements in the future.

zach said...

@Alonzo- Don't forget the Monorail horn. Man I loved that Tomorrowland!


Clyde Hughes said...

Wow, thanks for the great Friday slides/photos!
I love those clothing colors...seems like I recall having a shirt with green stripes like that, when I was a lad. Almost a Granny Smith green. The smoothly painted blacktop always impresses me. So clean and shiny. :)
Those yellow flowers on the middle left/background really set things off nicely, and those shades of blue, contrasted with the red peoplemover, just barely visible, is stunning!
Well, you posed the question "who is performing?!," and so I got curious. Zooming in, I see that the drummer has a 2 bass/kick drum drumset, there's a sax player to his right, and there are 2 Leslie cabinets (one on either side of the stage, by each of the arches. If I zoom 'way in,' I see what looks like the headstock of a Fender Jazz Bass neck, just to the left of the drummer. Going back to your excellent post of Feb 23, 2018, I would say it may be the group "The Better Half." Also, they didn't have the backdrop, as well.

Thanks for a great post!

Anonymous said...

Ah..the best T-land to date. Fresh, optimistic, a sense of motion. It all fit Boy do I miss it. KS

Jonathan said...

Great pics Major. I remember having a pair of red bellbottoms in '72. Somewhere in an old closet someplace someone probably has a photo of them. If you come across one, please don't post it! Love those 70s duds. What was I thinking?

WaltsMusic said...

Great pix Major! I was in 10th grade and remember these views with fondness. In the last pix, there is a guy near the center bottom with a white shirt and stripe on left side of it. He look to be holding an 8mm movie camera. Wouldn't that be cool to see what was on it!

MRaymond said...

I couldn’t resist scanning the crowds for an 11 year old me and my family. The best Tomorrowland

Anonymous said...

Clearly the best Tomorrowland.

Really enjoying these comments, thanks everyone.

There was a guy in one photo that might have been the me of that era, but the people he is with do not look familiar or correspond to anyone that I would have visited with at that time, so he's probably not me.

It sure would be weird to see yourself in someone else's photo after 40 years.


Dan Heaton said...

I love that shot of the People Mover going over the Skyway station! It brilliantly shows the "world on the move" idea that is so crucial to Tomorrowland. I really wish there was some way that at least the People Mover (or a new version that works on the tracks) could return there.