Friday, March 30, 2018

Phun Photos Phrom 1961

I'm using up the last two scans from a small lot of 1961 slides - they are nice ones!

I especially like this unusual view of a marketplace in Frontierland - the Zocalo. There were all sorts of treasures to be had. Genuine turquoise jewelry; woven goods, including hats of all shapes and sizes (I would imagine that these were quite popular); bolo ties. Maracas! Only 89 cents. I can't quite tell what the colorful, feathered things are in that red pot (somebody should have put down a Rocket to the Moon poster to catch the overspray on the ground!)

My mom loves turquoise jewelry, and she said that nowadays a good piece of the blue stone can be very expensive, because most U.S. supplies have been mined out. She's seen "turquoise" that is poor quality (but dyed or stabilized with resin), or sometimes it isn't turquoise at all, but plastic or glass. Who knew!

From December 17, 1961, thru September 30, 1963, sets and props from the 1961 movie (starring Annette Funicello and Tommy Sands) were displayed in the Opera House on Main Street. I would love to step into this photo and check the exhibit out for myself! Notice the plush Dalmatian in the window nearby - "101 Dalmatians" was released in January of 1961 to enormous success.


Nanook said...

I have vague memories of checking out the sets from Babes In Toyland - so vague in fact, I remember almost nothing, except having been there.

As for turquoise jewelry, I have a couple of pieces from the early 1970's - one bracelet, I've been wearing every day since then. Both are Navajo, and the one I wear daily is signed, and quite a beauty and very unique besides. I'll bet some of those pieces seen here could be worth a great deal these times, although I bet they sold for very cheap back then.

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

At first glance, the Zocalo photo could have been taken on Olvera Street, or in Old Town San Diego, or Ensenada. That overspray is kind of funny, like what your neighbor might have done on the driveway without thinking. With the spayed pot right there, it tells a story.

I don't recall ever noticing that toy shop before. Anybody know how long that lasted? (I don't have my reference material handy.)

Are these 126 slides or the larger 2¼ x 2¼?

K. Martinez said...

The Zocalo Marketplace photo looks strange in the sense that it doesn't really feel like Disneyland. As Chuck said, it could've been taken on Olvera Street or someplace else.

I really like the Babes in Toyland Exhibit photo. Sure wish I had seen that. I had visited the Park when it existed, but I think I would've remembered if I actually did it so I'm going to say I didn't do it. Thanks, Major.

Chuck, according to Daveland's Main Street diagram it was the Mad Hatter and Wonderland Music Store that existed next to the Babes in Toyland Exhibit when this photo was taken.

K. Martinez said...

Forgot to mention, I have a couple of turquoise jewelry pieces too that my sister gave me as a Christmas present back in the 1970's. Very nice stuff.

Patrick Devlin said...

Boy, Major, these are unusual to say the least. To say the most they are wild and wacky.

Our neighbor, back when we were growing up, had the most impressive collection of turquoise jewelry partly because their mother had started collecting in the 40s and 50s. Looks we have a new stop for our time-machine shopping trip...

There's shots of the Devlins in and among the Babes in Toyland set pieces over at Daveland if you search on Main Street - Opera House.

Chuck said...

Ken, I wasn't aware of the Daveland Main Street diagram until your post above. That's pretty cool. Thanks for mentioning it.

I found another Daveland photo of this area at that time, and it looks like it located in the Opera House façade portion of the building, sandwiched in between the Bank of America and the Opera House entrance.

Chuck said...

...and this area has appeared on the pages of GDB before, way back in 2009.

Nanook said...

@ Chuck-
The Toy Shop was there from around December, 1961 thru some time in 1964, and its 'address' was actually 707 - which ultimately was incorporated into the lobby of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, from July 18, 1965 thru May 31, 1966.

The Babes In Toyland "exhibit" was there from December 17, 1961 thru September 30, 1963, eventually giving-way to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln on July 18, 1965 - and so on.

Patrick Devlin said...

I think there's a shot of my family on a bit of the sets from September 1964. Is it possible the sets were in there and just not open to the general public? I'm figuring youse guys got the closing date of September 1963 date from some reference, no?

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Phine job today major. The Zocalo looks very Phesive. Phor the record I was never a real big Phan of Babes in Toyland but I know it has it's place in Disney History. Dying Annette's hair is just wrong. The phinest brunette of the first wave of kid stars IMHO.

Chuck said...

For everyone else's reference, here'sthe photo of Patrick's family he describes.

Dave's DeCaro's theory is that the staircase was later incorporated into the Mickey Mouse Club Headquarters, located in the Opera House between the Babes In Toyland exhibit and Lincoln's arrival.

Nanook said...

@ Patrick-
Those dates came from a WED-generated list from 1986 of Main Street lessees, etc., I got from Dave Mumford. I wouldn't necessarily say that list is infallible, as I think on a couple of occasions there was some discrepancy with some other sources - perhaps resulting from how the dates were listed-? But it's an awfully good place to start.

You would think if the sets were there in September, 1964, it would be cutting it close for the transition to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, but with Disney, that would not be out of the question.

Nanook said...

I think Dave's theory is as good as anyone's, as the Mickey Mouse Club Headquarters made one [of many appearances] in that spot.

Patrick Devlin said...

I like it! Thanks for the research and the info guys...

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, it looks like it was a neat exhibit, from the few photos I have seen. Never watched the movie, because I’ve heard it is a slog. Turquoise was big in the 60’s and 70’s! Seemed like it was everywhere. My mom recently saw a “turquoise” necklace in a shop window, and said, “That’s just glass!”.

Chuck, yes, it is kind of neat how authentic the Zocalo looks. I wonder if that overspray was there for years, or if somebody saw it and demanded that it be scrubbed (or sandblasted) away? I was going to refer to a Main Street Lessee guide regarding the Toy Shop, but, reading ahead, I see that Nanook has already done it!

K. Martinez, in a way, I’m kind of surprised that they don’t have similar exhibits of props and costumes from bigger Disney films. I know they’ve had some Marvel stuff, and Star Wars stuff, but how about those Tim Burton “Alice” movies? Even if the films are not great, people like seeing props, conceptual paintings, creature designs, etc.

K. Martinez, I guess that there was a huge spike in the demand for turquoise by the Chinese, making good pieces very expensive.

Patrick Devlin, yes… I have a postcard for a shop that was over at the Disneyland Hotel, called “Treasure Trails”, and in the background you can see many large pieces of turquoise jewelry. I can’t help thinking how much any of them would be worth today!

Chuck, I saved a screen grab or Daveland’s diagram years ago, it is a very useful thing (when I can find it on my computer)! I remember the photo you linked to as well - 2009, holy moly that was a long time ago.

Nanook, ha ha, I was going to use the Lessee guide that YOU sent to me! I’m glad you did it, since I would have only known thanks to your help.

Patrick Devlin, maybe they continued to use a small portion of the sets for a photo-op?

Alonzo, I had to look at photos of Annette. They DID lighten her hair! Perhaps they thought it would look better in Technicolor if it was more auburn? She was definitely a cutie.

Chuck, I have never seen an interior photo (as far as I can recall) showing what the Mickey Mouse Club Headquarters looked like. You’d think that somebody would have snapped a picture or two!

Nanook, “…I got from Dave Mumford”. Oh, la de da, I’m just pals with an Imagineer, no big deal! ;-)

Nanook again, yes, I’m sure it would have been used - if there’s one thing they’re good at, it’s repurposing props and even attraction concepts.

Patrick Devlin, everyone else did all the work, while I watched 4 hours of TMZ!

Nanook said...


You mean I could have been watching TMZ-??!! What was I thinking-!

Jonathan said...

Cool photos, I have no recolection of the marketplace, but I do remember seeing women wearing straw hats alot. Babes in Toyland is a classic and I loved Annette as well. Thanks Major.

Dean Finder said...

I'm guessing that the feathered things in the red planter are toy "peace pipe" or "tomahawk" toys. I got one with feathers on it sometime in the early 1980s at Wild West City in NJ that looks like that.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, TMZ is the only thing worth watching on TV! For instance, did you know that Michael Jordan was hanging out with sexy ladies during spring break? It's true!

Jonathan, I also have zero memories of the Zocalo, but that was in the days before I was truly interested in cool Disneyland souvenirs. I wonder how many I could have bought for a dollar or so, instead of fifty or one hundred bucks for the same thing today?!

Dean Finder, that is as good a guess as any! As a kid I would have been happy with a peace pipe or a tomahawk - in fact my mom didn’t like buying stuff at Disneyland because it was “too expensive” and she didn’t want to carry it around all day. So I only have a few small items from my own trips.

Unknown said...

I remember going through the "Babes in Toyland" Exhibit. They had the Village Square set, the Forest of No Return, and I believe, the toy shop façade.

During the time the exhibit was there, locally they broadcast "The Mickey Mouse Club" from that location, with Ginny Todd hosting, using footage from the original MMC and cartoons.

Unknown said...

Correction to my last post. I believe it was Ginny Tyler.

Melissa said...

They used to show old MMC episodes on Saturday afternoons on one of our local channels. Annette and Spin & Marty were the best serials. I still find myself singing "How Will I Know My Love?" around the house sometimes.