Monday, March 12, 2018


Here are two "leftuggies"! I'll serve 'em up with buttered noodles and a nice salad. 

When I held this slide up to the light, I was all excited because it looked like the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship had black stripes on it's unfurled sails - I'd never seen that before! And it somehow looked a little more menacing than the bright red stripes usually seen. But the scan shows that the stripes are more of a deep, dark maroon, or a sort of brownish-red - like dried blood, perhaps? I always like glimpses into the outdoor dining area in the back.

The ocean looks kind of choppy today! I think a Nor'easter is coming. The lady on the gangplank might be swept away. Check out the treasure on the sandy shore. 

Next is this bright and lovely photo of the old mill on Tom Sawyer Island - a fine example of art direction. A single Keel Boat rests along the distant shore. To our right, a CM sweeps the dock at Tom's Landing, while a signpost nearby points guests in the direction of such wonders as Injun Joe's Cave, the Fishing Piers, the Suspension Bridge, and Fort Wilderness.


Nanook said...


'Choppy seas'-?? My goodness gracious, yes-! That poor lady must be kicking herself for not bringing along a babushka.

Those two CM's look they're having so much fun merely sweeping the pier and sitting-around. Shots of an early TSI are always fun. I guess that's a rather barren Fowler's Harbor in the distance, behind the keel boat. Makes me wonder just how old this image is, knowing that TSI is open...

Thanks, Major.


There was indeed a “choppy” sea at Skull Rock Cove as there was a wave machine under the entry gang plank and a second one under the kitchen service gangplank on the opposite side. They we added in 1960 with the addition of the dinning Grotto, waterfalls and of course Skull Rock!

Jonathan said...

I remember eating at the chicken of the sea, eight year old kids don't really care about the cuisine. But who could turn down eating from a pirate ship! Totally cool. Thanks Major

K. Martinez said...

The Old Mill pic is awesome! They sure knew what they were doing back then. Thanks, Major.

The Magic Ears Dudebro said...

Maybe it's the way the island shore is shaped and landscaped, but the water by the mill looks really shallow. I know the waters are supposed to be shallow, but they should look much deeper. Perhaps it's the angle, here?

Patrick Devlin said...

It's always fun to see in early days, like the shot of the mill shows, how close in the tracks of the SF&DRR were to Fowler's Harbor as evidenced by the proximity of the tunnel in the background. The right of way certainly has been pushed back over the years.

Anonymous said...

Major, this is a fine picture of the Pirate Ship. From fairly early after the addition of the grotto, going by the landscaping.

@Mike Cozart, thanks for the info about the wave machines. I also enjoyed the little jets at the bow that made it look like the ship was under way. Great little details.

Also how the treasure chest was set in the concrete. I always wanted to climb over the plants and get down there, but it would have meant getting thrown out, I'm sure.

Thanks for these.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, while undated, I am reasonably sure that the photo of the old mill is from 1956. I wonder how often those CMs had to clear the dirt (from the island paths, presumably) so that the rafts would stay nice and tidy?

Mike Cozart, I knew about the little jets to make the Pirate Ship appear like it was kicking up a wake, but I didn’t know about the wave machine. Amazing that they would go to the trouble!

Jonathan, it is hard to get too excited about tuna sandwiches (though I do like them); but as you said, the pirate ship would be hard to resist! Except for my parents, who resisted it just fine, and I never got to eat there.

K. Martinez, I do think that it is a particularly nice image of the mill!

The Disney Dudebro, perhaps it is an illusion? The “muddy” water seems pretty opaque, although I’m sure the river was more shallow right up at the banks of the island. It works for me!

Patrick Devlin, I never thought of it, but I now want to find an aerial image (Google satellite view, perhaps) to see how the tracks have been moved away from Fowler’s Harbor.

JG, yes, the Pirate Ship photo was from 1961, so the grotto was only about a year old. I know you are right about the treasure chest being set in concrete, but it looks so much like soft sand! As if the detritus from a wreck had washed ashore.

walterworld said...

@Mike Cozart: That's cool to hear about the wave machines. I always wished they had done that at DCA in the Pacific Wharf area. If the water looked like it was moving and 'lapping' at the shore it would make a big difference. Walt never did things 'on the cheap', but that's how they always do it now it seems...

Thank You Major!

P.S. I'm surprised you haven't made Lt. Colonel by now; someone will need to look into that! :D