Saturday, February 10, 2018

Miscellaneous Amusements

I found today's first photo in a box of random slides; it is dated "1964", but beyond that, I had no idea what I was looking at. It was very appealing though! After a bit of online research, I discovered that this is the "Bunny Bridge" that led to the Phoenix Zoo's "Children's Zoo". The Phoenix Zoo was built in 1962 (founded by Robert Maytag - yes, the washing machine family). I wish I could find more information about this particular section of the zoo, but so far my searches haven't been very fruitful.

I did find this image, and a few others that were very similar. While this area is long-gone, I found a 2012 article that said that the last surviving 6-foot tall bunny would be on display for photos for the zoo's 50th anniversary.

Next is this snapshot from an unidentified carnival or amusement park - I have no idea where! There's not much to go on, admittedly. But these clean-cut kids are having a swell time. Let's go eat lots of food and then lose it on the Tilt-a-Whirl!


Nanook said...


Love those Big Bunnies. Everyone needs one - (just ask Jimmy Stewart-!) Evidently Pepsi-Cola (in bottles) was "the thing" at the children's zoo. And homemade name tags, too.

As for the teen set - based on the shape of the tree canopy, I'm gonna guess that carnival/amusement park was located somewhere in the warmer climes - say Southern California, per chance-? The text on the gal's jacket seems to be 'something' Park Band-? And there's no need to second-guess the date on the snapshot - those patterned pants say it all.

Thanks, Major.

Deb said...

Could it be Villa Park?

TokyoMagic! said...

I want to ride the Rock-O-Plane! That's the ride behind the girl in the second pic. And I agree, it does look like it says, "Villa Park" on her jacket.

K. Martinez said...
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K. Martinez said...

In the third pic, the top of a Chance Trabant can be seen behind the Eyerly Rock-O-Plane. Thanks, Major.

I think it's a pic of a traveling carnival that these teenagers have come to visit. The games booths look temporary and the layout reminds me of the local carnivals I used to visit as a child that were set up in a parking lot or empty field. Also, if you look at the ground on the sides of the guy wearing the white shirt it looks like dead grass.

I'm going to say it's a traveling carnival that was set up in or near the city of Villa Park, Orange County, California.

TokyoMagic! said...

Ooops, I meant the third pic too, in my comment.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, soda just tastes better when it is in an ice cold bottle. I talked myself into thinking that the kids were in SoCal, but then I talked myself back out of it. I did look at the words on the girl’s jacket, and it’s just inconclusive to me. It very well might say “Band”!

Deb, I could not tell. It looked like it started with an “M” to me, but… who knows. I thought it more likely that it was the name of a school, such as Canoga Park, Buena Park, etc (though not one of those, specifically!).

TokyoMagic! it looks nothing like a plane! Is there such a place as “Villa Park”??

K. Martinez, “Chance Trabant” is my spy name. Or was - now I have to change it, since I have revealed it. Hmmm, “Rock O’Plane” has a nice ring to it. I was thinking “State Fair” or “County Fair” when I saw these photos, but it really could be a lesser amusement park I suppose. Maybe one that is only open seasonally? And you just answered my question to TokyoMagic!, I guess there really is a place called “Villa Park”.

TokyoMagic!, how many strikes is that?!?!

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a Villa Park and it's high school was built in 1964. KS