Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Main Street U.S.A., July 1972

When I was a punk kid, all I wanted to do was smoke clove cigarettes, hang out at the video arcade, and dance at the disco. So I was WAY too cool to enjoy the charms of Main Street USA. Sure, I liked it, but I walked through as fast as possible to get to the other lands (possibly stopping to visit Mr. Lincoln).

Nowadays, I wish I had slowed down a little to do things like... ride the Horse Drawn Streetcar! Something I still haven't done, much to my shame. This family was smarter than me. There's mom, and another lady (friend? sister?), along with a bunch of bambinos posing for a cheerful portrait.

YOU ARE THERE! Apparently, dad (the photographer in most cases) hopped aboard at some point; the Streetcar has already headed up Main Street and is now on its way back toward the train station, flanked by the firetruck.

You knew this was coming... it was inevitable... the castle, with plenty of ivy to soften the appearance. By now the compass rose has been added to the plaza in front of the bridge. As is often the case with this batch from '72, I love the occasional accents of pure color here and there.


Nanook said...


That group on the Streetcar IS quite the clan. (I wonder if "mom" knitted her own outfit-?) And who says only "punk kids" challenge the status quo by 'walking in the street'-? Just lookie-here at those folks who should feel more than at-home right there on Main Street, USA - and still have the nerve to "disembark from the sidewalk" - practically getting mowed-down by the Fire Truck-!

And clearly, all those vertical stripes and large ring pull of that zipper on "junior's" shirt once-again place these images right-there in the 1970's.

Love the Castle's ivy spread-!

Thanks, Major.

DrGoat said...

Main Street became one of my favorite places about 20 years ago. I did spend a good deal of time in the Arcade back in my younger days, but the lure of Fantasy Land and Adventure Land was strong.

Anonymous said...

In the second photo, our streetcar would be heading TOWARD the castle, since the opposite car is heading south toward the station.

Melissa said...

Another batch of sunshiny lovelies on a cold, snowy morning, and plenty of high-quality vintage peoplewatching!

Now, this would have been the late 1970s or early 1980s, but I had an outfit exactly like the boy on the horse-drawn streetcar: striped polyester trousers, blue Keds, and red polyester knit top with ring-pull zipper. The streetcar is the only Main St. Vehicle I've ever had a chance to ride. And look - there’s another Kid Stripelypants in the castle shot!

The castle is given a “fearful symmetry” by two ladies in matching pantsuits (the suits don't match each other, but the pants match the tops they're worn with). The one seated on the left is the new spokesmodel for NestlĂ© Nesquik® Strawberry Flavor Powder, while the lady in jungle print at right is planning on blending into the Adventureland scenery at closing time and spending the night in a Jungle Cruise boat.

Patrick Devlin said...

Ah yes, even more data for my doctoral thesis on dating the Castle by the amount and location of ivy on its walls. Well, back to work...

Anonymous said...

Its funny, because I remember so many other things, the ivy on the castle doesn't ring a bell at all.

I have ridden the street car once or twice, the omnibus at least once, and either the fire truck or the horseless carriage once. Usually, I just walk. As a kid my dash up Main Street was straight to the bobsled queue. We spent more time in Main Street in the evenings.

Now, we pretty much just walk through the street without much detour since the shops are all the same as the Disney store in the mall, or in Downtown Disney outside.

The worst thing about the 70's, other than the clothes, was the clothes, or maybe the architecture.

K. Martinez said...

I still ride all the Main Street Vehicles whenever I visit Disneyland which isn't too often these days.

I always liked the ivy on Sleeping Beauty Castle. Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I don’t know if the mom knitted her own outfit, but I do know that I like to wear entire knitted outfits. Or better yet, macrame. The people who walk on Main Street will pay - they’ll do the same thing on their home streets and get flattened by a street sweeper. “We can’t tell how this person died because they are completely clean!”.

DrGoat, those old machines in the Arcade were pretty fascinating, especially when I was mostly used to flashing, noisy pinball machines (which were, admittedly, awesome too).

Anon, ha ha, YES, you are right!

Melissa, those black pants with the white stripes (or is it the other way around?) are pretty crazy. It’s funny how we remember certain clothing all these years later. And I have still never been on ANY Main Street vehicles!! The jungle print pants suit is making a statement.

Patrick Devlin, by now your research must take up several massive volumes!

Anon, I’m not sure how many years they allowed ivy to grow on the castle, but there are times when it looks like most of the lower part is nearly covered with the stuff. It looked kind of neat, but must have been bad for the faux stones. I’m like you, I was always way too much in a hurry to ride a vehicle on Main Street - get me to Tomorrowland. I kind of agree that 70’s clothes are awful, and yet… they are also kind of awesome.

K. Martinez, if I ever go back to the park (doubtful), I guess I’ll have to make a point of riding a horse-drawn streetcar - that’s the one that is so classic. Do they even run the Omnibus anymore? Maybe a top-level view would be neat, as well.

Kel said...

I can hear the street car honking at the lady in the blue!

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Holy edna turnblad these photos are vintage! The clothes are classic 70's right down to the Bobby Brady zipper rings.

Even the castle has overgrown sideburns. Thanks for the shaggy stripey photos today.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the shaggy stripey photos today.

Roll out those shaggy, stripey, sunny days on Main Street,
Those days of streetcars and horses and hay,
Roll out those knits and prints and macrames of Main Street,
You'll with that Main Street was always that way!

K. Martinez said...

Major, Yes, the Omnibus is still running. Getting the top level can be competitive on a crowded day. If you ever do go back, try to ride all the stuff you've never have been on. Besides the Horse Drawn Streetcar and Omnibus, there's also the Horseless Carriage, Fire Engine and the Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes? Have you ever ridden the canoes at Disneyland? Those are a lot of fun and the experience along the Rivers of America is quite different that that of the large boats. King Arthur Carrousel is another great ride experience, but of course that's because I love merry-go-round/carousels.

Chuck said...

Ken, I tried to ride all the rides I'd never been on the last time I was there, but ended up being bitterly disappointed. How was I to know you can't ride stuff that isn't there anymore?

Nanook said...

@ Melissa-

A Nat King Cole reference-! Nice.

TokyoMagic! said...

Alonzo, Edna Turnblad was the first thing that came to my mind!

I love the way the Castle looked in the seventies, when it was all bedazzled with ivy and nothing more. Major, I'm sure you are right about it not being good for the facade. I know it ruins stucco if it's allowed to grow on it.

TokyoMagic! said...

I just noticed that wooden box (drawer?) under the first seat of the Horse Drawn Streetcar. I wonder if that's where the drivers kept the "A" Coupons they collected? Maybe it was also full of dimes? The sign that used to hang on the vehicles read, "Fare 10 Cents or A Coupon."

MRaymond said...

They had to cut off the ivy since it didn't adhere to the "forced perspective" rules.