Sunday, November 19, 2017

So-So Sunday

None of today's scans are ready for prime time; not that they're terrible. They just lack "oomph". That's why you're seeing them on a "So-so Sunday".

Some of you may recognize the little fellow with the suspenders; we've seen him before a few times. Maybe mom cuts his hair, it's pretty awesome. Sometimes I come home from my barber looking just like that. We all know that cannons work best when somebody is sitting on them, and this kid was well-versed in the art of battle, Civil War style. 

He looks a lot like his old man!

How about this for "so-so"? It's blurry and gray. But it's hard to take a photo of a flying elephant, so I can forgive them.

This view of Town Square would be nicer if it wasn't slightly blurry. The "smart sharpen" Photoshop filter can only do so much (though it did help!). Some fellow to the left is setting up a tripod, I think he's preparing to shoot some film. A CM is crossing the street, exchanging a word with the guy on the Horse Drawn Streetcar. And way in the distance, I can see three posters mounted together: "Nature's Wonderland", "Art of Animation", and the "Submarine Voyage".


Nanook said...


Let's just say it's a 'Red Sock Sunday'-!

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

There is something funny going on with that white pole in the first pic. It looks like dad is either sticking the pole onto his son's back or he's propping him up and keeping him from falling over backwards from the weight of it. Apparently when they went on Dumbo, they were not allowed to ride with the pole.

K. Martinez said...

Great father and son photo. Only that would've made it better is if that flag pole was a telephone pole instead. Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

Dad looks like the love child of Lon Chaney, Jr. and Jerry Mathers. I am in love with Junior's little red socks. These two are having such a great time together I hope their day at Disneyland never ends.

@K. Martinez - “Your pole must be THIS short in order to board this ride.”

Nanook said...

In addition to what appears to be a camera in Dad's hand, he's sporting some interesting beltless trousers with a simple set-in pocket at a delightful slanted angle. Seems a bit daring.

@ Melissa-
What a great observation - the love child thing.