Sunday, November 26, 2017

Flower Market, 1961

I doubt that the old Flower Market on West Central Street was anybody's favorite "attraction" (if it even qualified as such), but it sure was a popular subject for photographers. I suppose it was hard to not be dazzled by the brilliant colors of heaps of artificial blossoms. Need a bouquet to take home? It would look perfect on top of the grand piano! Don't worry, they'll deliver.

More flowers, arranged by hue. Next door there is plenty of outdoor seating at the Carnation Ice Cram Parlor. 


K. Martinez said...

Now what the heck do I want to look at flowers for when I've got rides to go on?

I actually do remember the Flower Market, but mostly in passing by because I really did want to get to the rides quickly before the park filled up and back in those days before Space Mountain it was the Matterhorn Bobsleds that we headed to first.

Really nice colorful photos of a classic. Thanks ,Major.

Nanook said...


West "Central" Street - eh-??!! (Major, I think you're keeping things from us...). No matter. Either way, one really can't get enough plastic/wax flowers, can one-?

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

The second photo is brings back a wonderful memory of sitting at the last table in the lineup at the right, drinking a Carnation milk and watching the Disneyland Band march by.

My mother has a decidedly brown thumb, and she switched to high-quality artificial plants (much like these) in the late '80s. When they were stationed in the Azores, they were able to afford a maid who spoke almost no English. The plants were so lifelike that the maid watered them once, then panicked when water ran out all over the furniture. Fortunately, my parents have a great sense of humor.

Major Pepperidge said...

I'm back, everyone! Thanks for the fun comments. If I get the energy, I will try to go back and respond to the comments from the last 4 days or so.

K. Martinez, that was my feeling as well. In fact, my parents always wanted to ride the Disneyland RR first, and I wanted to run to Tomorrowland. And I love the DLRR! But we could ride that any time during the day (and often did do it more than once).

Nanook, hoo boy, if I drank more, I would blame my bad typing on alcohol. How about "Ice Cram Parlor"?? Yeesh.

Chuck, funny, almost the same thing happened to my grandmother. When she got to be in her 90's, she had a woman there as live-in help, who decided to water the fake flowers on a neat old inlayed chest of drawers. Kind of ruined it!

The Magic Ears Dudebro said...

I really love how things like this, as well as the other novelty shops, help make Main Street look like an actual downtown area where people actually do their shopping. I even hear that the old main street even had a cigar and lingerie shop. Now that's something you won't see at any Disney park these days. :D

Melissa said...

On a hot summer day, I wouldn't say no to trip to the ice cram parlor.

I know Crowds Are heavier these days on the third floor have different needs, but in my opinion a big part of the Disney Difference was atmosphere. Even if the flower market had been nothing but static displays, it would have been worthwhile just for that.

Major Pepperidge said...

The Disney Dudebro, not only was there a Tobacco Shop and a store with ladies' undergarments, there was a store that was a showroom for pianos and organs, and a bathing suit store ("Cole of California")!!

Melissa, I agree with you, not everything has to be a big attraction with a movie tie-in. Or at least that's how it used to be - I think those days are gone!

Anonymous said...

Major, I agree, the Flower Mart never "rose" to the level of an attraction, but it was evergreen for many guests, including my Mom.

We always spent a few minutes at the end of each visit browsing here and in the candle shop. Mom bought several of the Disney bouquets over the years, and one of them sat on our piano (spinet, not a grand).

On my last visit (March 2017), there was a much smaller flower mart set up in East Center Street, along with the fruit and drink vendor carts that have been there for some time. It wasn't the same as the original, of course, but still good theming and a nice gesture to the old FM of long ago.

Thank you.