Monday, November 13, 2017

More Snapshots, April 26, 1965

I have a few batches of old snapshots that I still haven't shared; a lot of them are sort of the "same old thing", nothing extraordinary. But I might as well start scanning them! 

One of the prints was helpfully dated "April 26, 1965" on the back - I always like knowing when they were taken. The little girl in most of these images is named "Lisa-Anne" (another note on the back). Here she is at the Flower Market. She's got her mouse ears, so it's already a good day!

There's Lisa-Anne again, in front of the castle that she apparently just purchased!

Don't lose those ears, kid, they cost a buck-fitty.

Here's an unusual (but poorly-photographed) angle looking from the Hills Bros. Coffee Garden toward Town Square, which has been besieged by rampaging wild animals.

Let's say farewell to Lisa-Anne as she rides her chestnut palomino around and around. She's having the time of her life!


Nanook said...


So.... little Lisa-Anne is both quite the vixen and fashion trend-setter by beating the 'bare midriff look' for pre-teens by several decades-! (Those extreme bangs and Mouse ears can only distract by just so much, kid-! Perhaps a corsage-?) Well, what the heck - she's right there.

If we are to assume the date is correct, it helps to pinpoint when the compass points were added to the castle forecourt. I had always assumed it to be sometime in 1965, perhaps in time for the Tencennial, and this image helps to bolster that fact.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

The tree with the scary face that was in the Mad Hatter shop shows up in that last pic. And I just bet Lisa-Anne's mom selected the avocado green Dumbo vehicle so that it would color coordinate with her dress.

Pegleg Pete said...

Great snapshots today, Major; they really bring to life Disneyland from a child's perspective. Nice catch on the 'scary tree', TokyoMagic! One query, though – the first Winnie the Pooh feature wasn't released until early 1966. I know that Disney acquired the rights in the early sixties but surely they wouldn't have had costumed characters roaming the park before there were a film release to promote? Or would they? Or could that Hills Bros. photograph be from a later visit? Or, as Winnie The Pooh And The Honey Tree was on general release in April'66, could the dating be a year off?

Pegleg Pete said...

On closer inspection, the people in the photograph with the Pooh characters all seem to be dressed up for rather warmer winter than those in the other photos, so I'm plumping for a later visit.

The Magic Ears Dudebro said...

Anytime that a little kid visits a Disney Park is a good one. So whatever became of this little princess? Or is that personal information?

Tom said...

I don't think I've ever seen any photos taken from within the Hills Bros coffee garden! So that's an awesome new angle for me! Not a ton to see, tucked back in where it was, but they managed to capture some interest in that pic.

Great photos today! I always love a set.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, it is my wish, NAY, my mission in life, to bring back “extreme bangs”. Everyone needs their hair to look like prime John Denver, or the kid in The Shining, I’ve always kind of wondered when the compass rose was added to the forecourt, but as usual, was too lazy to go beyond wondering.

TokyoMagic!, oh man, I didn’t even notice the scary tree. What an odd Disneyland detail! I wonder if Lisa-Anne’s mother was freaking out in the line for “Dumbo” - what if she couldn’t get the right elephant?

Pegleg Pete, you make a good point, I never thought about when Pooh was released (there’s no way to not make that sound gross). But looking at that photo, it has a slightly different border size, and that blue/black tick mark at the bottom that the others don’t have. So it is almost certainly from a different visit and batch of photos. And yes, it looks colder too!

Major Pepperidge said...

The Disney Dudebro, not only do I wonder what happened to Lisa-Anne, but I wonder why she apparently did not want to keep these photos of a wonderful childhood memory.

Tom, I might have one or two others from inside the Hills Bros. Coffee Garden, but it’s true, this might be the only photo taken from that angle.

Anonymous said...

Major....Really nice shots and despite their age, the freshness and color really 'pop'. One thing for sure, Lisa is 50 years older now. I'm also pleased to see the outward shot from Hills Brothers. Having worked there I have a number of interior shots with co-workers but only memories of what it looked like from the patio. And this one is a beauty. KS

Snow White Archive said...

Lisa-Anne was quite the visionary. Her forethought to purchase that moat-side property back in 1965 probably means she's doing quite well today, at least from a financial perspective. Good for her. ;)