Monday, October 27, 2014

Two Random Pix

Today's photos are "leftuggies" - leftovers with a generous dollop of "ugh"! But they can still be tasty in their way.

Here's an oddly-composed photo of the plastic House of the Future. I guess the photographer was impressed with the way the house was raised up on the central support, which was then surrounded by lovely ponds, waterfalls, and plants. Were there futuristic koi fish in the ponds? (Futuristic koi look just like regular koi, only they wear DEVO hats).

It might be bright and sunny, but the Christmas tree (artificial, of course) in the house is a clue as to what time of year this picture was taken. I hope Santa gives me presents that aren't subject to insect damage or mildew (in other words, made of plastic). I wonder if any Halloween decorations made it onto the walls of the house in October? That would be cool. 

I always enjoy this view along the Jungle Cruise (this one is from 1957), looking up a crocodile-infested tributary. It's kind of hard to discern here, but there is an intriguing bridge that appears to have been woven from vines, indicating the presence of indigenous people - perhaps they are one of those tribes that has never had contact with the outside world!


TokyoMagic! said...

Based on the position of the "Dominguez palm tree" in that last shot, I'm guessing that waterway was the one that used to connect the Jungle Cruise with the Rivers of America? Does anyone know for sure?

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, that actually makes a lot of sense. Note the elevated vantage point (if we were in a boat, we'd be very close to the water); so the photographer must have been standing on that bridge that we've seen in a number of photos. Nice!

Tom said...

I'm thinking both pics are from 1957 at the earliest, since we didn't have HOF until then.

The photographer thought he'd take a picture of the only part of the structure that would still be there fifty years into the future.

K. Martinez said...

I like the vintage Christmas tree.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, when I commented, I was actually thinking the photographer was in one of the boats looking in the direction of the Rivers of America, but I hadn't noticed the elevated vantage point. You are right, it couldn't have been taken from one of the boats!

JG said...

Love the HOF at Christmas, unique views. I wish I had pictures of HOF, only recall one visit since I was just a wee kid.

I agree, the jungle shot is probably taken from the former bridge across the old connecting waterway, view direction is back toward the JC since the DP tree is on the left.

That would put the vine bridge firmly in an"on-stage" location but not accessible to guests.