Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Frontierland Scenes, March 13 1958

There is no shortage of photos of old Castle Rock on Tom Sawyer Island. But I think that this particular image is extra super-duper nice - in large part because of that dramatic early Spring sky. It looks like a chilly rain storm is passing through, but thanks to the magical berm, there is only sunshine within the park ; it has something to do with muons, gluons, and quarks. The Mark Twain must be just hidden from view on the other side of the island, doesn't it looks like a puff of steam is blowing in our direction, slightly obscuring the very top of Castle Rock? 

In the distance you can see the Casa de Fritos building, and the futuristic Moonliner makes a special guest appearance.

This picture of the entrance to Frontierland isn't the most exciting thing ever, but I love the detail of the little Union soldier in the lower right. He probably just came from Sharpsburg for a furlough. I hope he doesn't run into a pint-sized Johnny Reb! 


Nanook said...


Pictures of early Disneyland are the best. The first 'capture' is especially nice - including the white "pith helmet" atop the fella roaming solo through the upper pathway of Castle Rock.

Thanks, Major.

Chiana_Chat said...

O in the 1st fic I'd say that's steam from "our" exhaust - not 'cause we ate at Casa de Fritos during free habanero frijoles week but 'cause we're on the Old Mark Twain, arears. Yer right, there is a moody magic to that pic.

As for the 2nd, not only is it a super pic - what is with the boy in the little union soldier outfit!? Delightful set. :D

Nancy said...

I always enjoy when I can get another land in one of my pictures; I have one of Magic Kingdom where I was in Frontierland and Disney's Contemporary Resort is photobombing us from WAY OVER THERE! (tho I did take this picture on purpose, not an after-the-fact discovery)

The little Union soldier really makes this one of Frontierland fun for me. Nice set today! :-)

Melissa said...

Wow, so beautiful and clear and (mostly) people-free! Gives you a great chance to admire the architecture.

Chuck said...

I had a kepi just like that, and I'm pretty sure I bought it just out of frame at the Davy Crockett Arcade.

K. Martinez said...

The first image is a perfect example of where tree size does effect scale. Here Castle Rock seems to be towering over the landscape, where today it feels like a bump in the TSI forest. Of course putting the "fort" safety panel pieces on it diminished its presence too.

Nancy - If there's one thing I like about WDW's Cinderella's Castle, it's that you can see it from just about every other "land" in the Magic Kingdom as well as outside the Magic Kingdom.

Steve DeGaetano said...

Yeah, in the lower part of the first picture, you can see the shadow of a flag, as well as what appears to be an exhaust stack and steam. The flag is flying in the direction of travel. A strong breeze would blow the flag forward. So we're definitely on the upper deck of the Mark Twain, abaft, late afternoon.

Chuck said...

Any day with the word "abaft" in it is a good day...even better than a day with drupelets.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I think that might be a Keppy Kap on that guy's noggin. Maybe not though, it's hard to tell.

Chiana, I guess I'm just not very observant! It does look like the kid is wearing more than just a kepi, but has at least the coat as well.

Nancy, I agree, it is sometimes fun to see the other "lands" leaking into each other, though they tried to block as much as they could.

Melissa, I'm saving some extra good ones for later, so stay tuned!

Chuck, I'm sure that back in the 50's kids were exposed to tons of westerns that had 1860's-style soldiers in them. Today, most kids wouldn't have a clue, I imagine.

K. Martinez, it's true, and as much as I love big beautiful trees, I do wish that they would consider the appropriateness of the scale sometimes. Like on Main Street.

Steve DeGaetano, of course, once Chiana said her piece, I almost (but not quite) slapped my forehead.

Chuck, it's even more fun to misuse words; "She thinks she's so abaft!".

JG said...

I miss this world.