Sunday, October 05, 2014

Murky Fantasyland, November 1958

Today's photos were cursed by an old gypsy woman who felt she had been insulted by the photographer (he called her "Honey", which some people really don't like). "Let all of your pictures be murky!" she said as she waved a disgusting bezoar at him (they used to sell bezoars at the Magic Shop on Main Street), cackling. And from then on, every photograph turned out dark and gray and strongly vignetted. 

True story.

Dang that gypsy woman, this would have been a pretty nice picture if it wasn't for her witchy magic. Of course she also lifted the curse of lycanthropy from another guest, so she wasn't all bad. Note the abundance of Skyway buckets as they vanish behind Holiday Hill (named after Sir Albert Holiday Hill).

There was also a fetching young gypsy miss who danced with a tambourine. The man threw some coins her way, and she flashed her dazzling smile at him, stealing his heart. He still took crummy photos though.

At last the man proposed marriage to the fiery temptress, and they lived happily ever after, becoming the most respected manufacturers of fine tambourines.

Dang, these blog posts are getting harder and harder to write!


Nanook said...


Personally I prefer 'sister' over 'Honey'. But you never know what the reaction might be.

Well, the pics may be a bit murky and all, but it's easy to see in the 2nd picture (the then) Mickey Mouse Club Theater was showing 3D Jamboree with Jimmy Dodd and the Mouseketeers-! ... Hey kids - be sure to return your 3D glasses... sez Jimmy. And you can spy the backside of Rainbow Ridge. Not too shabby.

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

With Halloween lurking around the corner, these are perfect. The somber greys evoke the feeling of a palpable menace skulking just outside the frame, waiting for the perfect moment to lure the unwary victim to their doom deep in the heart of...DISNEYLAND OF THE DAMNED!!! (Coming soon to your local drive-in.)

Note the long cigarette holder in the left hand of the figurehead on Captain Hook's pirate ship. This was taken during that brief period in '58 when the restaurant was sponsored by Virginia Slims. The tobacco patty sandwiches didn't catch on with customers - particularly the filtered ones - and their sponsorship was quietly dropped.

K. Martinez said...

Love the view of the queue line full of guests climbing up to the Skyway chalet entrance.

Chuck - Those tobacco patty sandwiches were the best. Don't understand why they didn't catch on. They even provided a mini spittoon for the guests that ordered them. My only disappointment was that they didn't offer a menthol burger.

Nanook said...

@ Ken-

Didn't they tell you-? The Menthol Burger didn't appear on the menu. (You had to ask...)

Just as with the Fantasia Special Sundae @ Carnation Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street. That one, however, really DID exist - with all 15 scoops of ice cream, etc.

K. Martinez said...

@Nanook - On the really DID exist list, I always wanted to order the Matterhorn Sundae at the Carnation Ice Cream Parlor when I was a kid. Looks like I waited too long.

Nanook said...

@ Ken-

Undoubtedly, I've experienced both - but most-certainly shared all that Carnation goodness with others.

Melissa said...

I heard that guy wasn't even really a lycanthrope to begin with. He was just come Cast Member who got stuck in his Big Bad Wolf costume.

Murky or not, the Fantasyland canopies in that second picture are ruthlessly jolly. They look like a bunch of party hats.

Tom said...

I wonder if this same old Gypsy woman cursed Michael Bay as well? Just about every Transformers movie is subjected to the gloom of extreme Teal and Orange.

I love these angles. It took me a minute to realize that last shot is something I don't think I've ever seen: the reverse angle from behind the Chicken of the Sea ship out toward the castle. Skull Rock wasn't there yet... was there an eating area in 58?

Connie Moreno said...

Hey, watch what you say about that old witch - she was my aunt! I love these photos! To me, they are not murky; they are enchanting, enticing, makes me wanna jump right in.