Saturday, March 01, 2014

Vintage People

Hmmm, what should I post for today's "Anything Goes" Saturday? Well, the pickings are slim, because I haven't been scanning as much as I should. I'll start, I promise. But not today; first thing tomorrow! Yeah, that's it.

"Vintage people" seems to be as good a theme as any. Who doesn't enjoy being a voyeur to the past? Nobody, that's who. Let's start with this parade photo (location unknown) featuring a little girl on the back seat of a 1956 Pontiac Star Chief. The girl's name was Carol Champagne (I swear to beezus) and the sign on the car assures us that in 1970 (waaaaaay in the future), she will be Miss "House of Regis", whatever that is. She looks to be about 5 or six years old, so if this was 1955, she would be around 20 by 1970. Now multiply that by Pi, divide by the square root of the hypotenuse, and lightly sauté the algorithms until golden brown. Math is fun!

These folks look like extras from "The Andy Griffith Show". I love them. The girls are giving Junior a hard time, but he knows it's all in good fun. Uncle Jeff looks kind of goofy, but those tattoos have me guessing that he saw some action in the Pacific (thanks Unky Jeff!). This fun family is loitering outside a typical small-town hardware store, where you could buy anything from Seal Rite Color Tint Paints to a lawn mower, to a full croquet set. Why shop anywhere else? 

Now let's go to Somewheresville USA, to visit these three crazy fellas. They're standing in the doorway of a warehouse full of little vehicles. What the heck are they? Small delivery vans? Oddball European vehicles? Inquiring minds need to know.


Nanook said...


That first shot is a world full of Pontiac's: That's a 1950 station wagon and a 1955 beige beauty in the driveway.

And it would appear in the second picture that in addition to our young friend cuffing his jeans "boldly", his (possible) older sisters [one with patches on her jeans] are twins. And Mom-? is holding a Kodak, Brownie Hawkeye camera.

Truly a mid-century feast for the eyes. Thanks, Major. said...

A row of delivery vans would seem right, could these be milk men? and the sun being up signals the end of their work day? Water on the pavement being from vehicles rinsed out before going into the warehouse (to avoid that spoiled milk smell in the vans if any was spilt).

Anonymous said...

Check out the wheelstop/bumpers in pic 3! Nothing subtle about scraping one of those with the milk truck, and if you did, you had to explain to Harold (on the left) why you didn't see that gol' durn concrete post, cuz it's only been there everyday since we opened in 1941.

Bill in Denver

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Great pics today, very mid (last) century Americana. The milk or bread trucks in the garage are a nice touch.

Somehow I can imagine Robert Zemeckis showing this picture of Unky Jeff to Tom Hanks and saying "Tom this is what Forrest Gump should be like".

Snow White Archive said...


Anonymous said...

great wheelstops.

I like these pics, Major. Very cool.


Nancy said...

my first thought was dairy delivery trucks, too.

love the lady's camera in the group photo; I think my gram had that one!

Melissa said...

“Vintage People” is the perfect theme – it’s what I make every other theme into, anyway!

By 1970, Carol Champagne was already trapped in a loveless shotgun marriage to Elmer Cornlikker, shown here in the background chewing on a stick and looking off into the distance. The leadership of the House of Regis was passed on to one of the many Chardonnay sisters from the French-Canadian side of town. They were all pretty enough, in a bland sort of way, but nobody could really tell them apart. Mama’s paste tiara is still the Cornlikker clan’s prize possession; it’s mounted over the door of their stillhouse where it can catch the moonlight on clear nights.

Uncle Jeff and the quiet sister are the only ones who seem aware of the camera. They’re also the only ones aware of the secret ingredient in Seal Rite™ Color Tint Paints: the blood of real seals. It may be wrong, but it's Rite.

The two men in coveralls are manufacturing Popemobile-type security vehicles for the first official Woodrow Wilson impersonator.

Melissa said...

@Nanook, I wondered the same thing about the sisters being twins, because they reminded me a bit of pictures of my mother and her twin sister, who would have been a few years younger than these girls. I have my doubts, though - the girl in the foreground seems a bit taller to me than just being in the foreground would make her, and both her face and body seem a bot more mature.

I'm completely speculating, of course. Not all fraternal twins look as similar as my mother and aunt did, and it's harder to tell from back in the days when even non-twin siblings tended to have the same clothes and haircuts (hello, sis and me).

Kevin said...

#3 is definitely a dairy warehouse. A quick google search yields many of the same model.

Great photos as always!!!