Saturday, March 08, 2014

Around the USA

Here are some random photos from around the country!

Let's start with this neat view from New Hampshire. That's the Mt. Washington cog railway going up the hill… it's been there since 1869 (the railway, not the hill). It is the second-steepest railway in the world! Today there are two steam locomotives and five biodiesel locomotives (each locomotive pushes a single car up the mountain). This popular tourist attraction carries thousands of visitors to the top of the highest peak in the Northeastern US. The journey to the top takes about an hour to go 3 miles, while the trip down only takes around 40 minutes. I love this great image, with the green mountain, the parking log full of wonderful cars, and you can even see "Peppersass" (lower left), the world's first cog locomotive.

Here's one from somewhere near the Oregon coast, with a truck carrying a massive log. Look at the truck in the distance, with a mere half of a log - it barely fits on the truck! I like the vintage vehicle, which reminds me of a toy that my grandparents brought me years ago… it had three or four genuine redwood branches representing "logs". (Everybody uses wood, but nobody likes the idea of trees being harvested; including me!)

And finally, let's go to Canton, Ohio to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I am guessing that this photo is from the early 1970's; the Hall of Fame opened in 1963, and has grown from its initial 19,000 square feet to over 80,000 square feet today. At least 25,000 square feet of that had better be devoted to Bronko Nagurski


Nanook said...


Gotta love all those "old" cars. And as for trucks hauling 'trees', or parts of them, that site is still an everyday occurrence in Oregon and Washington, too.

Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

Nice variety and vibrant colors! Looks like the NFL HOF could also house the Rock'em Sock'em division - that logo looks just like my favorite robot toy!

Thanks Major for the tour!

Bill in Denver

K. Martinez said...

The building in the Mount Washington Cog Railway image reminds me of so many roadside attractions I've seen. That's my kind of place to visit.

I can practically hear those logging truck tires rolling over the dirt and rocks in the second image. I like it.

Beautiful Pro Football Hall of Fame sign. I think early 60s design and graphics are my favorite.

Nice varied set today. Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

I LOVE the logo on the Football Hall of Fame sign! It has a real, solid Saul Bass/Paul Rand feel to it.

Snow White Archive said...

Looks like real vintage fun in that first pic. :)

Melissa said...

Two days of research (well, not constant research; just research whenever I had a coffee break or a few minutes at the computer) and still not a clue who the designer of that bold, clean logo is.

The architect of the original, two-room 1963 building is Robert Forsythe, though. And it looks like a giant orange juicer from the top.

Dave said...

Couldn't tell you for sure where the logging truck picture was taken but I'm pretty darned sure that is a California truck by the plate and the name "Willits" on the side. Willits is town in Mendocino County just inland of Fort Bragg.