Thursday, March 06, 2014

It's a Small World, New York World's Fair

I'm guessing that everybody who is reading GDB knows that "It's a Small World" made its debut at the 1964 New York World's Fair. Today I have some fun vintage photos of the pre-Disneyland attraction.

Goofy is always popular with kids. Even New York kids, who are more used to knife fights and run-ins with Officer Krupke. See that kid shaking hands with Goof? He will be going to a rumble later that evening. Note the base of the Tower of the Four Winds to our right.

"Hey! Hey mister! Ya got any peanuts? I'm really hurtin' here". Chip (or is it Dale?) lurks in the shadows in a creepy manner. I know, the poor guy (or gal) inside is just trying to not cook in the summer heat, but still. The man on the right is thinking, "What the heck?". 

The next two are dark and/or blurry, but I figured I'd include them anyway.  In spite of the long lines, apparently IASW was such a people-eater that there were empty seats once in a while. This lady doesn't mind, it gives her a chance to stretch out and relax.

More empty seats - lots of them. I wonder if those guys on the upper level are Fair workers… or if that is part of the queue. From what I can gather, the line went up and down stairs several times.


Alonzo P Hawk said...

In spite of the photo quality these are good shots just the same.

I like shot 2. It's as if Chip (or Dale) is saying "That meat lovers pizza is not loving me back".

Worlds Fair photos are always a treat. Thanks

Pegleg Pete said...

That photo of Chip (or Dale) is absolutely priceless! Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

Oh, the Fair! Come for the architecture, culture, and technology; stay for the people-watching and fashion commentary! These pictures appear to have been taken on the Super Slouchy Sock Day promotion, when 10% discounts were given to anyone with visible disarray in the hosiery department.

I am all about Tex Junior’s print tennis shoes. I had several similar pairs as a kid in the 1980’s. We also used to take plain ones and paint patterns on with stencils, markers, and Mom’s nail polish. You could get away with a lot of nonsense back then.

Little Sister’s gingham box pleats are still adorable if no longer as crisp as when they came off the Ironrite that morning.

The straw sailor hat is generally reserved for seamen assigned to look after the ship's chickens or pigs. Huddy Bolly hasn't decided whether he wants to be a Chief Poultry Officer or a Hamsman when he joins the Navy. He just knows he doesn't want to grow the Navy beans.

Nearsighted Mom in the background thinks the giant red plume on her kid's hat is the pillar of fire that led Moses out of Egypt.

After fiddling with the brightness and contrast, I believe that's Dale, with his redder nose and two wide-spaced teefs. But I took Telling One Cartoon Chipmunk From Another 101 pass/fail, so adjust your grains of salt accordingly. Mr. Cigar is surprised because back home in Syracuse, giant raccoons go through the garbage instead of giant chipmunks.

The ladies on the stairs are headed for the Hyacinth Bucket Impersonation Contest.

I can practically feel the cool shade on Mrs. Paisley's skin and the ache in her back subsiding as the boat glides along. I can't help imagining that lovely smile is for a shutterbug Mr. Paisley, and that they're enjoying a special day together.

Being married to a firecracker like Mrs. P., he's probably got a mind of his own and a boldly-patterned shirt of his own to boot. Wide stripes? A full Hawaiian? If they wore slouching socks to get a discount, you can bet they're in the bottom of her purse now. Rules ain't for Paisleys.

I don't know about the first guy on the upper level, but the second is the world's oldest newsie, up there to sell the afternoon edition to the first guy.

K. Martinez said...

Officer Krupke's kids where in for quite an adjustment going from Bernstein and Sondheim to the Sherman Brothers.

That's one of the coolest Goofy photos I've seen.

Tom said...

NYWF64 photos! Can't get enough of those.

Looks like people were in for quite a lengthy boat ride at iasw... and under cover, too! How posh.

Tower of the Four Winds is peeking through in the upper left of that last, dark shot. What's the big tire-ish looking sign/thing above the yellow canopy in the middle?

Dennis Levittown NY said...

When we visited Disneyland at the end of January,"Its a Small World" was closed and a film crew was filming scenes for a movie called "Tomorrowland", starring George Clooney,that takes place at the 64-65 Worlds Fair. Looking forward to seeing it when it comes out next year.

Jonzu Richmond CA said...

The "tire" is actually a giant Life Savers candy that identifies the Life Savers Glass Elevator that took visitors up to the top of the Better Living Center pavilion behind the Pepsi Cola Pavilion. I would assume it rotated to attract the attention of Fairgoers. The Better Living Center was a pavilion of all those companies that didn't want to build or could not afford a pavilion of their own. It was heartily panned as a trap of product huckster exhibits like you might find in a "commerce" pavilion at a state fair. You had to ride up the elevator and then slog your way through all the exhibits to escape. I would expect now it would be a "dreams come true" emporium for those in love with mid-century gewgaws, fashions, and such. Kind of wish I could go!

Melissa said...

As long as they don't put a Mentos Elevator in the Diet Pepsi Pavilion!

Major Pepperidge said...

Alonzo, at least the first one is good, quality-wise!

Pegleg Pete, yeah, that's a weird one.

Melissa, sock technology was not what it is now; don't forget, we live in the FUTURE! I'm assuming the kid's hat is a souvenir purchased earlier that day, but I like it. I thought Moses followed a talking chicken, but I'm not up on my bible stories so much. I also checked that chipmunk photo and was sure it was Chip. He's the one with the black nose, right? Not important I guess, they're both annoying. There I said it.

K. Martinez, thanks!

Tom, that must have been a big part of the appeal…. IASW was a relatively long ride, and it got you out of that hot muggy New York weather (have you ever been there in the summer?).

Dennis, I am SO curious about that movie, since it isn't really even clear what it's about.

Jonzu, thanks for the info… I know that the Better Living Center was kind of a bust, but these days I would want to see even the lowliest of the low displays for sheer nostalgia's sake.

Melissa, don't even joke about that!

Melissa said...

I also checked that chipmunk photo and was sure it was Chip. He's the one with the black nose, right?

Yeah, Chip's got the nose like a chocolate chip. You could very well be right - telling colors in an old, dark picture is a tricky art.

Even though they tend to be a bit, well, hyperactive, the sister and I love meeting C&D for photo ops at the parks because there's one for each of us. I usually end up with Chip because - and this is the weird part - he's always taller.

Dennis Levittown NY said...

Also, we were told they had recently wrapped up filming in Florida at WDW,at the Carousel of Progress, again using it for scenes of the 64-65 Worlds Fair.

Dennis Levittown NY said...

Also, we were told they had recently wrapped up filming in Florida at WDW,at the Carousel of Progress, again using it for scenes of the 64-65 Worlds Fair.

Snow White Archive said...

I hadn't heard of the Tomorrowland film until now. The little I just found online says it's an upcoming 2015 American science fiction mystery film directed, co-written, and produced by Brad Bird. Sounds intriguing for sure.