Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Wild Frontier, August 1960

You know the drill by now; Sundays are generally reserved for boring pictures. Google data shows that readership goes way down on Sundays. What are you doing, watching golf? 

I call this guy "Chief Wavy", and frankly it drives him nuts. "I do so much more than wave; I sing, I dance, I do difficult Sudoku puzzles, I cook, I write dirty limericks, I enjoy CosPlay... in other words, I am a complete and complex person. 'Chief Wavy' indeed!". 

I apologize, Chief.  

It's just like the ads say, natural gas really IS the most efficient way to heat your home. 


Nanook said...


Personally, I prefer a "Balanced Power Home". (Or Settler's Cabin). Remember... as the ad said: Smart women cook with Gas in Balanced Power Homes.

Thanks, Major.


I think that is Chief Autoparts........because he is riding a Mustang.......or is it a Pinto??

Alonzo P Hawk said...

That's just a fine example of frontier craftsmanship. Monsanto had the house of the future.

Let's just imagine that this is Weyerhaeuser Lumber "House of the past". Gas fuel provided by Mr. Taggarts bean feast from Blazing Saddles.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, "Balanced Power Home", I don't remember that slogan. Did it have a catchy jingle to go with it?

Mike Cozart, I think you need to work as a Jungle Cruise cap'n!

Alonzo, at least the Monsanto House wasn't on fire, even though I like the rustic, woodsy quality of a log cabin. Would that Weyerhaeuser commercial show Mr. Taggart in the front yard with an arrow through his sternum?

Nanook said...


I don't believe there was a jingle, only the logo - which consisted of a flame sitting directly atop a two-prong plug, which was pointing down. This was a nation-wide campaign, (in the 1960's-?) usually spurred by the local gas company. (In L.A., it was So. Cal. Gas Company).

The definition of 'balanced power' usually meant: "Modern Natural Gas gets the call for drying...water heating... the kind of jobs only Gas can do with greatest speed and economy. Adequate wiring and plenty of conveniently located outlets provide ample Electricity for good lighting, to run dishwashers, garbage disposers and all your "plug-in" appliances.

You will live better...for less in a BALANCED POWER home.

Dean Finder said...

I keep hoping that someone will post a picture of the Settler's Cabin when the gas was running, but bot burning.
"Hey dad, why does the air look wavy over there?"

Melissa said...

... I do difficult Sudoku puzzles, I cook, I write dirty limericks....

There once was a tourist from Truxton
Fell in love with a robot in buckskin
She thought he was real
And gave him a feel
And got electrocuted from... now where did I put my dirty Sudoku book?

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, maybe if I saw it again it would be familiar, but it sure doesn't ring any bells at the moment.

Dean Finder, wow, they let the gas just keep going even though it wasn't burning? Sounds like a bad idea. Not sure it would show up in a photo very well if somebody DID take a picture.

Melissa, dirty limericks are the finest American art form.

walterworld said...

Major, I apologize. I was watching golf on Sunday. Did you see Adam Scott win The Barclays?

Just catching up now...and glad I did.

Thanks as always!