Sunday, August 11, 2013

Flower Mart, August 1963

Welcome to "Snooze Sunday"! Today I have two images from the old Flower Mart (named after Sir Albert Flower Mart). There are so so many artificial flowers... buckets full of 'em, hand carts overflowing. You can hardly see the buildings. Ladies often love flowers, and this one is no exception.

West Center Street looks surprisingly busy... likely due to the fact that the baƱos are located at the end!


D-ticket said...

Sir Albert Flower Mart?

I want to see the back side of Flower Mart.

Chiana_Chat said...

Hope the Snooze Sunday helps you with your recent dizzy spells, Maj! ;) Always a joy to check your blog. :)

If there were apartments for rent on Main St. I'd think I'd take dibs on one overlooking the flower market.

From the 2nd pic, it looks like the nice lady with the dress from Squaresville is not really checking out the flowers, she's lookin' for a man and she's thinking the gentleman walking by looks like a good pick hehe

Nancy said...

No snoozing here....this is always a beautiful spot, and we get a bonus peek at the Carnation truck in the package~ :-)

Happy Sunday to all....

Melissa said...

It must have been very handy to have the flower mart right next to the Carnation Ice Cream parlor. If they ever ran out of carnations to make the ice cream with, they could just pop outside for more.

I love the lady’s blue check dress, but I hate those short-strapped purses. There’s no graceful way to carry them. You can either make the fist of doom like she’s doing, which is great if you have kids to keep in line but looks kind of aggressive to strangers. If you keep a flat hand you look like you’re clutching your stomach - perfect if you want to get to the front of the line in the ladies’ room, but kind of off-putting in a crowd. If you just let your hand go limp at the wrist, you look like a cheap Flip Wilson impersonator. Or, you can just hold the straps in your hand, but then you don’t have a free hand, you hit perfectly nice people in the shins, and your shoulders start to get lopsided. (This one does have the advantage of being able to ward off dirty old men on park benches, though.) In the second picture, doesn’t it look like she’s about to give that blurry fellow the old one-two in the breadbasket?

Major Pepperidge said...

D-ticket, not until you get to know it a lot better!

Chiana (hi Chiana!) thanks for checking in. Your comment about apartments on Main Street is so funny, since that is what I used to fantasize about when I was a kid. "Look at all those rooms up there, I could stay in one of them!". I hope that the lady isn't checking out men, since I assume her husband took the picture.

Nancy, you always leave the nicest, positive comments!

Melissa, people did enjoy pieces of silk and plastic flowers in their ice cream! I've always wondered about clutch bags and other purses that ladies have to hold in their hands; seems to kind of ruin the whole reason to carry a purse. But what do I know? I'll bet that man said something fresh, like "Hiya, toots!". That's what I always say, anyway.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Wow the agent from the Matrix does take a day off (pic 2). And he has a cute girlfriend. I guess Neo can breathe easy for at least one day.