Saturday, April 27, 2013

Random Stuff

Uh oh, it's time for me to fire up the scanner! My "miscellaneous" folder is practically empty. So, the photos for today are leftuggies.

I have almost no information for this first picture; it is undated, and I have no idea where these sailcloth teepees were located. It could be anywhere I suppose! I like the colors on the teepee in the distance, the pinks, yellow and aquas feel more like the early 1960's than like authentic earthen colors used by Native Americans.

As I've mentioned before, I always get a kick out of pictures like this next one. A vintage aircraft sits on the tarmac, rollaway staircase in place, and happy travelers (or in this case, one traveler and a stewardess?) prepare for an exciting journey. The slide was dated September 1961, but I don't know the location of the airport. Looks kind of like Burbank to me (a half-assed guess), but I'll wager that some smart reader will be able to glean more info based on the airplane's numbers.

This next photo shows a parade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; the slide is carefully hand dated "May 26, 1953". I would assume that the parade is in honor of Memorial Day, but that holiday fell on May 30th (a Saturday) that year. Why would the parade be done on a Tuesday? In any case, some soldiers sit at an anti-aircraft gun, recalling scenes from many WWII movies. In the background, the Milwaukee Central Library building (built in 2895) looms impressively over the festivities.


D-ticket said...

Love Field

Nanook said...


Swell images, here. In the first pic, the clothing does appear to be from the 1960's, but you never know. The "wall" of trees behind the teepees certainly looks more like a man-made visual break, rather than natural growing patterns. Just where are these folks and the teepees-?

Thanks, Major.

D-ticket said...

Actually it doesn't look like Texas. These were used for long distance flights, such as Chicago to LA. It does look a lot like Burbank.

N8214H B 45525/958 flew from March 1958 to May 1964. There's some other nice pictures of it on the web, like the one taken at Love Field in 1964.

Major Pepperidge said...

D-Ticket, wow, that was fast! Amazing.

Nanook, you are right of course... when it comes to clothing, it can be hard to tell. I still have a shirt that I wore back in the 80's, and I still occasionally wear it! Teepees were such a popular "Indian" tourist feature that these could be almost anywhere. It doesn't look like California, however!

D-Ticket again, wait, so you think this could be Burbank? It's those hills in the background that made me think Burbank.

Chuck said...

The Milwaulkee Central Library Building - truly an outstanding example of late 29th-Century architecture. ;-)

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, haha... I'm going to leave the typo there!

Melissa said...

Hyacinth Bucket visits an Indian village.