Friday, April 12, 2013

Instamatic Pix

Yet more pix from my stash of Instamatic negatives....

I'll start out with two photos taken from the parking lot (now DCA and Downtown Disney) where "Mr.  X" captured images of the Monorail as it passed by in the distance. The cars aren't quite as much fun to look at as they were in the 1950's, but I kind of like the sporty blue model near the center of the picture.

Remember, we are parked in lot "C". That's C for Cinderella. Everyone inside the Monorail had, for the duration of the trip, higher IQs. Maybe even telepathic abilities. But when they disembarked, they became ordinary schmoes like the rest of us.

This one isn't super exciting, but it is an unusual view, taken from the Hub. Right where the "Partners" statue is today. Mr. X noticed that this was a Kodak Picture Spot, and he obediently snapped a photo. You can see the construction walls (in various shades of pink) blocking the entrance to Tomorrowland as it is transformed into the NEW Tomorrowland. 


Nanook said...


I'm thinking the 'sporty blue model' you have your eye on may just be a 1962 Plymouth Valient. And probably a 1962 Thunderbird to its left.

Certainly love all the activity in the hub; no doubt folks are giddy with anticipation of a brand New Tomorrowland.

Thanks, Major.

CoxPilot said...

The car in front of the T-Bird is more likely a '62 Dodge Dart. The Plymouth had straight chrome strips, while the Dodge had a chrome decor that curved around the rear wheel well. That is also probably the Dart (4 door model) rather than a Lancer (2 door hard top).

K. Martinez said...

Nice view of the speediest part of the monorail trip.

I love the Kodak Picture Spot "silhouette" signs. Does anyone know when they retired this version?

Nanook said...


It's definitely a tough call; but with what little clues this shot reveals, still have to go for the Valiant (spelled correctly this time).

I'm basing it on the long piece of chrome trim running from behind the front wheel well to just before the rear well, where it turns upward to curve around the well. On the Valiant that strip is about in line with the top edge of the wheels. On the Dart that trim is almost in line with the bottom of the wheel. (Drat, if only the front grille was revealed...)

And on a less controversial note - @K. Martinez, me too, loves that series of Kodak Picture Spot signage. It's so 1950's.

Matt said...

That last photo is definitely not from the hub where the Partners statue is. It's most likely standing on the little wooden bridge to the left of the Castle in the garden area. Or on the pathway that's there. The Kodak Picture Spot sign is facing the Castle. You can see people sitting on the bench seating on the other side of the wall there, which is in front of the Castle.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook - a Plymouth, huh? That's one of those brands I never think of. I don't know why, but I just don't have a brain for cars.

CoxPilot, thanks! Time to fire up Google's image search. If that is a Dodge Dart, I like it!

K. Martinez, I am pretty sure that GAF took over for Kodak in 1970 and that the "Picture Spots" turned into "GAF Photo Trail" locations with new (less interesting) signs.

Nanook, it amazes me that you guys know and remember all those details, like the differences in the chrome trim. I spent too much time watching cartoons I guess.

Nanook said...

Major- As a very good friend of mine is so fond of saying: "There are fans and there are fanatics". Speaking only for myself, I cannot lay claim to being a 'fanatic' in the "old American car ID'ing world". My memory is good enough to get me in the ballpark - sometimes spot-on. But most times (such as this one) I'm forced to refer to reference materials, that surprisingly DON'T involve the Internet.

I have always assumed CoxPilot is the real deal, and I gleefully tip my chapeau in his direction when he chimes in with his extensive knowledge in this arena.

Unknown said...

Did some folks always call that end of Main Street the "Hub"? Or is it a more modern term? We always called it The Plaza, which is how it was labeled on the maps that came in those pocket guides (such as by INA). I always remembered Town Square and The Plaza at the ends of Main Street USA.
--Mike Douglas

Major Pepperidge said...

Mike Douglas, I may be mistaken, but I believe that the hub is right in the middle of the Plaza.

Unknown said...

You're probably right -- "hub" has probably been used for a long time, maybe since the beginning. I'd just never heard it used except in the most generic terms, such as 'the hub of the Park' or something like that. But it sounds logical. We just called the whole area the Plaza cause that's all it showed on those free INA booklet maps!

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