Friday, April 05, 2013

Instamatic Pix

From my ever-dwindling stash of Kodak Instamatic negatives comes this neat shot featuring oodles of Mark VI Autopia vehicles in a fashionable array of hues. I am partial to the turquoise car in the foreground (or is it aquamarine?). The shadows cast by those distinctive "eyebrows" give these cars a slightly menacing look that is pretty cool. You can almost hear them growling.

I have titled this photo, "Main Street - Early Morn". It is just too much work to write "MornING", plus I sound poetic as hell, and the ladies love that. Fans of that water fountain are having a good day (C&H sugar bag not included). There is a crowd up near the castle which makes me think that the park must have just opened. Did they do the "rope drop" back then?

Here's a delightfully busy picture at the hub, with the wonderful motorized Fire Truck in the foreground, the Horse Drawn Streetcar nearby, and the Monsanto House of the Future still looking hella cool in the background.


Anonymous said...

Major, A premonition prompts me to predict these pictures are gonna receive a rash of resoundingly rave reviews.

K. Martinez said...

Gurreat set today! I love the colorful Autopia cars. I wish there was a color key chart for all the various Disneyland vehicles through the years.

Love your C&H reference. It crossed my mind before I even read your caption. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Second photo: Love the little kid with the Mouse Ears holding the Dad's hand...great moment!!

The Autopia shot reminded me that the cars were left- and right-handed steering, probably to quicken the process of loading and unloading guests?

Bill in Denver

JG said...

Wow, that is the original drinking fountain. What a great picture.

There is one of this type of fountain still left on Main Street, inside the Tour Guide Garden on the south wall (against the railroad berm). If there are more, I haven't found them.

The rest all seem to have been remodeled away into the wheelchair accessible type.

Very special photos.