Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two From Fantasyland, September 1966

Here are two not-very-spectacular pix from Fantasyland... seems like I have a lot of "ho hum" stuff in my file of scanned images. Sorry! I guess I'll have to find something extra good soon. On another note, I have just started dipping into my LAST BOX of slides. It's a big box, but still... it's the last one. When they're done, they're done.

Anyway, here's a nice view of the whimsical mechanical clock that is a part of the "It's a Small World" fa├žade.... I love the stylized dolls because they remind me of some wooden figures that my mom brought home from Germany in the late 1950's. You can see folks being directed to their seats in a boat in the lower right.

The Snow White Grotto is reminiscent of the fountains and sculptures that you can see at the famous Villa d'Este just outside of Rome. Dopey has his fishin' pole, though the fish are more interested in squirting water than eating.


Tom said...

LAST BOX??? Noooooooo! Where will we go for amazing vintage Disneyland photos once they've run out? Quick, someone find another box of Disneyland slides for the Major!

K. Martinez said...

Duff beer for me, Duff beer for you, I'll have a duff, you have one too.

Is it a SUPER-SIZE BOX of slides? I hope so! Whatever you have left, I'll certainly enjoy it. I enjoy just about everything you post whether it’s about Disneyland or not. It’s greatly appreciated.

Major Pepperidge said...

Tom, it is true... although I have some images that are not in the box (like the Instamatic pix I've been sharing). It was inevitable... my collection is finite!

K. Martinez, don't drink the water! It is a big box, it should keep me going for at least a year.

PsySocDisney said...

How dare your collection be finite? What's wrong with you? Who can I complain to about this? What am I supposed to do with my life?
I need to lie down.
On a lighter note, do you have plans for post-GDB? (aka the apocalypse)

Melissa said...

It's neat how so many of the people in the first pic happened to be wearing blue and white that day.

Anonymous said...

Ordinary or not, Major, your pics are a lifeline for me.

Thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

I like the way they put Snow White at the top, a bit back, so her smaller scale (compared to the dwarfs) is not so noticeable. One of my favorite areas of Disneyland.

Thanks for the heads up on the last box. It’s helps me prepare. What I suggest you do is start at the beginning. Re-scan the early pics and provide new commentary. Otherwise I will have to seek therapy.

stu29573 said...

Why do I feel like I should lie down and put a bag over my head?

Rich T. said...

I agree with Anonymous: start at the beginning and make new comments! :)

Regarding today's pics, I love that shot of the SW boarding area and the doll parade: I've never seen the particular view of the ride before!

Major Pepperidge said...

Hannahx2, Melissa, JG, Anon, stu92573, and Rich T., thanks for the nice sentiments! As for rescanning or rewriting old photos and blog posts, I think that would drive me crazy. I already struggle to write stuff about the zillions of Mark Twain and Small World images; the thought of doing it again isn't very appealing. Plus, every old post is still available for reading, any time you want!

Nancy said...

I love the clock dolls for It's A Small World, worth the wait for the show!

I always think of that story too, how the Dwarfs and Snow White are the same size so they had to stage it thus to make the Dwarfs look like Dwarfs. Its a special part of Disneyland for me, and we always make sure to pass by when we get there.