Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In Frontierland, March 1959

The Indian War Canoes (now Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes) are jam-packed in this 1959 photo, presumably taken from the Mark Twain. I doubt that there were too many other canoes in the world that could hold 21 passengers! Notice the "Indians" piloting and steering the canoe.

Over in the Painted Desert of "Nature's Wonderland",  we can see a Stagecoach vanishing beneath the distant stone arch - this would be their last year of operation. Years of wind-borne sand and seasonal flash floods have shaped the desert's rocks into the strange shapes seen here; and we get the added bonus of a cactus "forest".


Melissa said...

The little boy in the back is totally slacking off. At least the kids in the middle are trying, even if their technique sucks. No Dole Whip for you, young man!

K. Martinez said...

I'm actually surprised the canoes have survived this long considering they've gotten rid of the Mike Fink Keel Boats and Motor Boat Cruise. It seems the lines are never long. I probably ride the canoes once every ten years. I rode them last visit in 2012. I'm glad this attraction is still running. it provides such a unique perspective of the Rivers of America.

Nanook said...

Melissa, I think our "slacker" friend may be smarter than we think. You see, he's clairvoyant and knows there's little need for muscular exhaustion on this particular journey - as the Tiki Room won't open until June, 1963. And even when it does, Dole's sponsorship won't occur until January of 1976.

In the ensuing 17 years, our 'slacker' has developed other tastes in the imbibement department; although word on the street is the Dole Whip is a secret fav of his.

RemainSeatedPlease said...

Major, you can take away the quote marks around Indians in your description of the first picture. I thought I had remembered, and Werner Weiss' Yesterland confirms, that the guides on the Indian War Canoes were actual native Americans. The Indian Village theming apparently extended to all the Cast Members, whether dancers or canoers. Thanks for the wonderful pics.

Major Pepperidge said...

Melissa, that boy is letting his sister do all the work! This is known as "delegating".

K. Martinez, I totally agree, it is amazing that we still have the canoes. Your note makes me think that I have to ride them the next time I am at the park.

RemainSeatedPlease, I was unaware of Werner Weiss' comments about the Indian guides... perhaps that was very early on? I'm almost certain I've read that Ron Dominguez, who was Latino, worked as an "Indian" guide. Maybe there just weren't enough authentic Indian applicants at certain times.