Friday, January 11, 2013

Instamatic For The People

Boy oh boy do I love this first picture! It was probably taken in the late 1960's from the Peoplemover; we get a very unusual angle from above the Submarine lagoon, looking back toward the Carousel of Progress (brought to you by General Electric), with a yellow Monorail passing by in the foreground, and a blue Monorail at the station just behind it. Throw in some Skyway buckets and the Rocket Jets, and you get a pretty wonderful moment in time. 

Here's another unusual angle, from aboard a Casey Jr. Circus Train looking back toward the Dumbo ride. Only 10 Dumbii are flying in endless circles (when elephants have inner ear problems, they are BIG problems) compared to today's 12. Fantasyland looks charmingly rinky-dink! (Thanks for the notes pointing out my many errors, hopefully they've all been fixed).

And finally, the Omnibus passes by the entrance to Tomorrowland. Peoplemover alert! And hey, there's Mickey Mouse, he just happens to be walking by. The driver is singing "Sunshine Of Your Love" into his microphone. By the way, who rides on the lower level of the Omnibus unless you have to?


K. Martinez said...

The 1st image is a beauty with monorails gold and blue in one view with Tomorrowland '67 in the background. I love it.

The 2nd image is reversed. Dumbo goes counter clockwise and other clues like the Fantsyland Theater and Art Corner position in the background doesn't look quite look right.

I love the concrete benches in the Tomorrowland entrance area. Lots of memories of people watching there.

Graffer said...

Reversed and 10 flying elephants.
And without the help of alcohol.

TokyoMagic! said...

Oh my gosh.....did they completely ruin Tomorrowland or what? Sorry, but I just have to type it out or say it out loud every so often or else I will go crazy.

Anonymous said...

When I count the striped poles, I get 10 Dumbii completely airborne. I'd hate to be the guy on the ground with shovel duty (or should that be doody).

Bill in Denver

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Pic #1

Queue the music....These are a few of my favorite things.

P.S. Bill said doody. heh heh

Melissa said...

The pops of yellow and blue in the first picture make it just gorgeous. I love the Instamatic posts; they give me a "you were there" feeling.

Tom said...

That first picture: "A world on the move". Yes, indeed. We need more movement in Tomorrowland these days, and I don't mean plush toys.

Omnispace said...

Those lucky people leaving the Carousel of Progress just enjoyed a wonderful presentation of Progress City. Where shall we go next?... Adventure Thru Inner Space?... PeopleMover??... Better check and see if we have a 'D' Coupon. I sure miss the '67 Tomorrowland!!

Anonymous said...

The Dumbo photo was taken from the caboose car of Casey Jr. You can see the (fake?) brake wheel and railing in the foreground.

I feel great, I've seen an elephant fly.

Thanks Major.


Orange Co Native said...


Not one comment about the driver singing "Sunshine of Your Love" into the microphone.

It cracked me up. Thanks.


Man just looking at that Tomorrowland vista makes you feel happy and upbeat!! And then sad that the current Tomorrowland is dull, dark, and almost motionless. Maybe they do that on purpose so guests will want to sign-up for the Disney Vacation Club so they can go visit some happy - upbeat place/ And it's easy--Disneyland has a Disney Vacation Club Kiosk at the base of the abandoned PeopleMover station!! Wow! That's convienent!!! Come on Disneyland--stop craming toy-like themes and midocre Pixar film overlays over Tomorrowland and give Disneyland guests a REAL Tomorowland. Stop making past Imagineers assamed of the designers and managemnt that followed. The Disney people of the 60's had way less technology to use and they have kicked the modern Imagineers way outta the water. Sorry, but it's true. No one is gonna remenice aboy Tomorrowland 1998 or Tomorrowland 2012 DULL!!! BLAND!! CHEAP!!! I have issues with Tomorrowland???

Major Pepperidge said...

K Martinez, I totally agree about that Tomorrowland image! Thanks for the correction on the Dumbo pic.

Graffer, that's what I get for scanning negatives, it can sometimes be hard for me to figure out which way is the right way.

TokyoMagic!, you already know how I feel about today's Tomorrowland!

Bill, you are right. I forgot how to count to 10.

Alonzo, my friend, the one who took that photo, was so dismissive of his pictures, but I think he took a bunch of fabulous photos.

Melissa, it's those primary colors! All we needed was a splash of bright red.

OC Native, maybe my reference was TOO vintage! I wanted it to be current to the 60's.

Mike Cozart, I can't even imagine how they could make a great "New New Tomorrowland" without spending a billion dollars like they did at DCA. It would take lots of imagination too. I guess we can just hope to see my favorite "land" brought back to some semblance of its former glory.

walterworld said...

That first shot is just about perfect! Makes me want to go Nightswimming in the Sub lagoon...

Thanks Major

steve2wdw said...

Love this group of shots! They're all from different perspectives than what we're used to, especially the first. The reversed Dumbo is quite interesting too. (Just a note...I think all the Dumbo attractions, with the exception of Tokyo, have 16 elephants.)