Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stagecoach & More, Knott's - June 1960

Here are two very nice photos from Knott's Berry Farm!

We'll start with the great picture of the Stage Coach as it heads towards us, pulled by four spirited horses. It took two men to operate a stage coach... one to control the horses, the other to randomly swear and spit and shoot at pedestrians. That's the job for me, I do those things anyway! I love the view of the old parking lot (because I'm weird), looking suitably rustic.

Elsewhere, we see the Ghost Town Express ("Lightning Delivery"), pulled by two mules in ornate harnesses. A suitably crusty old-timer drives the thing; here he is visiting with the local dude, who looks like he just stepped out of a TV program. I wonder if guests could ride on the Ghost Town Express, or if it was strictly for show?


TokyoMagic! said...

I wonder where that parking lot was located? Could that be the piece of land where the Roaring 20's was eventually built?

I posted a pic of that wagon on Father's Day of this year (my dad took the pic). I had never seen another photo of that wagon until now and I'm wondering the same thing as you, Major....was it just for show? I'm also wondering if those bathrooms are the same ones that are located next to the park's exit today?

I have so many questions today!

Connie Moreno said...

Nice! I remember the parking lot looking like that when I was a kid. And yes, I can see you doing that job.

Chiana_Chat said...

Happy holidays, Major & the whole gorillas flock!

Katella my hunch is that's nearer the front. There used to be extra parking across the street from Roaring 20s, it was rarely used but Knotts retained it for a long time. I liked it because it was not modern. Rows of pepper, cork, euc. and other trees, dirt and weeds. Lot of it wasn't paved, even through the '80s. It helped take you out of the modern city and put you in the mood to buy Knott's homespun goods. But I'm rambling.

Thanks as always for the glimpses from the time machine, Maj. Some finery on them mules and the Western cast member sure looks the part!

Major Pepperidge said...

TM!, If you don't know, I sure don't! I think I might have had another photo of the Ghost Town Express in the past, but I'm not 100% sure. Did a quick search and couldn't find it. And I wouldn't be surprised if those bathrooms are the same as the ones that are there today...

Connie, each day I practice spitting and swearing just in case a job like that comes along.

Chiana, you are one of the few people to know that gorillas travel in flocks! I looked at a few vintage aerial photos of Knott's, but it's hard to tell where the Stage Coach used to run. There were a number of parking lots that resemble the one seen in that photo. Happy New Year to you!

outsidetheberm said...

The wall on the right side is the give away - as are the railroad tracks to the left. The parking area you see is where the Log Ride is today. The RR tracks are in the same place today and the stagecoach still runs roughly along this same route.

The Lightning Delivery wagon was actually used to make deliveries throughout ghost town. It kept the theme and allowed modern trucks to keep their distance during operating hours! Neat, huh?

SundayNight said...

In the 70s I remember parking in the lot with the trees. So old fashioned and non-city like. As C said, it really got you into the Knotts mood even before you entered.

Allen P said...

Outsidetheberm is right about the parking lot in the first photo. When I first started at Knott's part of that parking lot was still there and was were the employees parked, behind the Calico Mine Ride.

In the second photo TM! is right about were the restrooms in the background are, at the entrance to Ghost Town by the Main exit. You can see a portion of the Cable Car tracks just in front of the restrooms in the photo. Also, the gentleman in the black coat in the wagon looks like he might be a member of the Wagonmaster band, the photo is to dark to identify him.

JG said...

I remember the dirt parking lot and the pepper trees. My Dad liked the pepper trees, reminded him of his home in the desert.

That building in pic 2, is that a restroom? it looks familiar, but it's been so long.


Nancy said...

very pretty! was/is the stagecoach part of an "attraction" as it was at Disneyland or just a mode of transport around the park?