Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Pair From August, 1959

The super-colossal meg-amazing Matterhorn was a mere two months old in August 1959. You can usually discern older photos because the snow line is so much higher than in later pictures. And yes, we've seen plenty of images of this shrunkified Swiss mountain, but it's still pretty impressive here, don't you think?

Of all the ways I could die, I never dreamed I would be flattened by an Omnibus. But there it is, heading right for us! Sure, I could step up onto the sidewalk, but that's just what they expect me to do. And the day I do what they want is the day they pry a churro from my cold dead hand. I think I've made myself clear.


Orange Co Native said...


Before getting flattened by the Omnibus, make sure you have clean underwear on (Anyone under 45 may not get that I'm afraid. Oh well).

I must be soon after the subs and Matterhorn opened. The red, white and blue banners are still on the dock.

They must dig those trees out every few years along Main Street and plant new ones, because they are still small today.

Nothing else to say.

fuzzhead said...

Miss the skyway through the mountain, Glad I was able to experience it.

Those skinny little wheels would slice you up like a pizza cutter.
But they would be right there to clean up the body parts, being how clean the park is.

bloefeld said...

Boy oh boy, do I love me some Matterhorn!
This is a particularly nice shot taken from the sub dock. Makes me miss the skyway, too.

As for the Omnibus, I think if you run in serpentine pattern, you may have a fighting chance!

TokyoMagic! said...

The waterfall is turned off on the Matterhorn and there is a workman standing on the stone bridge section of the track (he's bent over at a 90 degree angle) What gives?

Chiana_Chat said...

*pops back in* 'Tis the season for me being scarce. Sorry Maj! But don't you worry. They will not stop me. I will see every post you make, every breath you take, every move you make, every smile you fake, every cling you stick, every word you say, every single day, every vow you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you. Wait. Isn't that a song... A very creepy song.

Ah. You know I love me a slice of Swiss Matterhorn. Mm! Creamy surface with earthy undertones. A little gritty but.

Heard they were shutting it down for 6 months (!) to refurb. Is that true? Why doesn't Disney maintain them normally anymore instead of shutting them down for long periods at a time? What are they doing all that time? Are they returning the skyway? Will Song of the South be out on BluRay soon? Will Chi ever switch to decaf?

And Orange Co. Native - LOL

Chuck said...

@TM! - the first picture was taken during the First Annual Matterhorn Cast Member Leapfrog Marathon, held on August 3rd, 1959. The waterfall was turned off due to a severe drought, which also explains the low amount of snow cover on the Matterhorn.

@OCN - the original trees (California Pepper I think - can't find the right reference book right this second) along Main Street (same kind that they had on Town Square and around the hub) were replaced sometime before 1994 with the same kind of trees they have on Main Street at WDW's Magic Kingdom (again, need to find my reference). Although the trees looked great and created a lot of shade, they also seriously screwed up the scaling on the buildings, making them look, well, their real size instead of what the Imagineers had intended by using forced perspective.

Further rambling, I once read that Walt would periodically stop and drop to one knee to see how the Park would look to a youngster. Try that some time on Main Street - the buildings will look taller and it will validate your childhood memories. Just don't do that in front of a moving omnibus or you WILL have soiled underwear. Because first you say it, then you do it.

Oh, and I'm only 43... :-)

steve2wdw said...

I get a kick out of the banners over Main Street USA. It's hard to tell, but could they be promoting the new adventures that 1959 had to offer? Its funny, 'cause I think many DL purists would have a field day with park management if that was attempted today. This picture feels so organic (and UN-corporate) to it!

Thufer said...

If your going to be Road Kill; I can not think of a more novel place. Stand your ground Major.

Connie Moreno said...

What Orange Co Native said!!! And then Thufer almost made me spit out my coffee. Too funny!!!

Great way to start my morning, guys.

Major Pepperidge said...

OC Native, what is this underwear you are referring to? Never heard of it. And yes, I'm sure that the banners are left over from the opening ceremonies for all of the new attractions. I don't think they replace the trees that often. Pruning and (supposedly) some sort of plant hormones supposedly help to keep them small.

fuzzhead, I miss the Skyway too! It is nice to know that the Disneyland custodians are so good at disposing of bodies. Comes in handy!

bloefeld, serpentine patterns? What about "tuck and roll"? That's what I tell passengers in my car when I drop them off at 35mph.

TM!, I didn't notice the workman. Imagine going to the park 2 months after the debut of the Matterhorn, and finding it CLOSED.

Hi Chiana, where have you been? At your winter home in the Seychelles? As for that song, Sting (my pal) has always been amused at how it has become a romantic favorite in spite of its creepiness. I had not heard that the horn that matters would be shutting down for 6 months. That seems excessive, unless they are replacing all of the track. Or adding a loop!

Chuck, the last time I dropped to one knee on Main Street (to tie my shoe) I managed to kneel right on a piece of gum. YUCK. And I felt stupid, too.

steve2wdw, those banners on Main Street are for all of the new 1959 attractions. They are pretty awesome too; I have some nice images, but I grabbed them from an auction house's web site, so I'm not sure how cool it would be to share them.

Thufer, thank you for your support!

Good morning, Connie!

TokyoMagic! said...

I know that the trees on Main St. were replaced in 1981 because I have an employee publication with photos of the new trees going in and it mentions that the trees were getting too big. However, I don't know how many times they have been replaced since then.

Orange Co Native said...


There use to be an old saying that moms sometimes told their kids. Make sure you have clean underwear on. What if you got into an accident and they had to take you to the hospital and they found you with dirty underwear. The shame. The shame.
My mom never said it, but I did hear it from other neighborhood moms.

Monty Python did a skit on it in their old Monty Python show back in the 1960's/ 1970's.

Rusty said...

As always, great shots. I love those little banners hanging over Main St. Oh, someone please design a time machine so I can set it to 1959 and spend the day at DL!

JG said...

Great comments.

More about the Major's nether regions than I really needed, but still funny.