Thursday, December 08, 2011

Main Street Stuff, April 29 1956

We're hanging around Main Street today, with two wonderful photos from 1956.

I wanted to become a police officer, but my saxophone-playing was just not up to snuff. Fortunately, these Keystone Cops were virtuosos. Seconds after this photo was taken, the cops took down a major crime syndicate. Then they played "Steamboat Bill" without even breaking a sweat. Notice that they are on East Center Street, near the Gibson Greeting Cards store. The Pen Store next door closed because people like me would ask if they carried pencils too, which drove them koo-koo bananas.

Boy howdy, that is some swell shot of the old Red Wagon Inn. Let's go in and get a bite to eat; or we can just relax on one of the many (many!) benches and watch other people chew.


bloefeld said...

Nice pics, Major. Especially love the photo of the Red Wagon Inn back when it was a restaurant. Happy to hear it soon will be one again, the Mary Poppins themed Holy Jolly Bakery will be opening there sometime next year.

Connie Moreno said...

You are insane, I tell you. Insane! But I like it. Now I'll tell you what's driving ME insane: Where exactly was that first photo taken? I see the curve in the it where the Clothiers shop is now??

My security word is holonidg. Is that what you take before writing your posts?

Thufer said...

That's 'East Central Street" I believe. One of the stores I wish I could have entered was the Pen Shop. This shop was open between 1955 and 1959. Both Gibson and the pen Shop became part of the Hallmark Shop in 1960.

Major Pepperidge said...

bloefeld, I agree, it will be great to have the building back as an eatery. Will it be a sit-down restaurant, or a place to grab a danish and coffee?

Connie, it is true, I have problems! I believe that the first photo was taken near the Swift Market House, which would have been just to the right on the corner of Main and E. Center Street.

Thufer, I could have sworn it was "East Center Street" and not "East Central Street", but that doesn't mean I'm right! I knew that Gibson became Hallmark, but I didn't know that Hallmark extended all the way down to the pen shop (and coin shop?). Cool!

Orange Co Native said...

Lawns sure are getting scarce at Disneyland. This lovely lawn in the second photograph is now concrete with tables and chairs.

Thufer said... are probably correct; 'Center' I think was (is) probably the correct name.

Major Pepperidge said...

OC Native, lawns require water and maintenance. Pavers and concrete, not so much!

Thufer, I looked at a vintage map, and it didn't say either way. At that point, I gave up, ha ha!

Nanook said...

Without consulting any documentation, I'm virtually certain it's 'Center' Street.

Nanook said...

O-kee-do-kee - consulted the Disneyland, U.S.A. Lessee & Attraction History, March 14, 1986, and here's what it says:
East Center Street... The Pen Shop, Lawson Engineering Co. 7/17/55-5/16/60. (Included Stamp & Coin Shop in 1959). Incorporated into Hallmark Shop, 7/1/60.

No address number given for this location, however.

Major Pepperidge said...

Thank you Nanook! I wasn't aware of the Lessee & Attraction History, that sounds like a very useful document! Interesting that the Stamp and Coin Shop was only there for about 1 year.