Monday, August 29, 2011

Tom Sawyer Island, June 1960

Sorry about today's post! I'm in "use up the leftover junk" mode, which explains these two uninteresting Tom Sawyer Island pix.

I believe that Castle Rock (on the left) is the remains of an extinct volcano, and that it was discovered by film director William Castle ("The Tingler"). At one point the rock became infested with Yippies, and it had to be fumigated. Fortunately they have never returned.

This second photo is in incredibly "Blur-O-Rama", the most exciting innovation in photography since the flash cube. It's like really being at Disneyland, only with your glasses off. Here you see the two bridges that are on the island; the floating, bouncy pontoon bridge (looks like that lady to the right is barfing), and in the background, the suspension bridge, with nobody barfing.


D ticket said...

Pontoon Bridge

They are recreating the Heigh Ho sequence from Snow White. That's Sneezy at the front.

Chiana_Chat said...


Agree with D Ticket, although if we're wrong on that, it's still for sure something is getting the ol' Heigh-Ho.

Considering the height perspective on the 2nd shot, I'd guess it's more a matter of canoe shift. That or Zorro and Monastario are at it on the roof of the Twain again and our photog has hit the deck.

Yeah the pics aren't the best but I'm still glad your postin' anyways Maj.

The top pics clearer but askew durn it. Still, neat view. 2 things stand out: that Castle Rock and Cascade Peak show the wonderful variety in rockwork styles they could do from the outset and that Cascade Peak's peaks ain't got no cascade! Drought year? ;)

TokyoMagic! said...

So Castle Rock was named after William Castle? That would explain the crazy person that dresses like Joan Crawford and runs around the island carrying an axe.

Thufer said...

Yippies! pew, yuccky, ewwwwww

One word: shower

I remember the news coverage of that event and I still scratch my head and utter; uh?

Major Pepperidge said...

D ticket, are you sure there wasn't a dwarf named Barfy?

Chiana, the trouble with most photographers is that they don't allow for canoe shift. It is a common "newbie" error. I try to compensate for canoe shift in everything I do! Good catch on Cascade Peak, I didn't notice the lack of cascades.

TM!, was Joan Crawford in a William Castle movie? (I know Vincent Price was).

Thufer, a friend of mine just gave me his copy of the LA Times with the Yippies storming Tom Sawyer Island on the front page. He was going to throw it away.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, Yep, she was an axe murderess in the 1964 movie, "Strait-Jacket". She chops off Lee Major's head in his very first (but uncredited) film role. George Kennedy was also in the movie.

Connie Moreno said...

Well, today's post made me smile!!!

Orange Co Native said...

Major - You crack me up. After reading what you wrote about the woman barfing and then I opened the picture, I burst out laughing.

Yes it does look like she is puking and the rest of the line is coming past there right after her. Yeech.

Or as they call puking in Australia-A Technicolor Yawn.

Anonymous said...

I don't need a newspaper article on Yippee Day. I lived it as a CM that day!

Chiana_Chat said...

My sympathies, anonymous unlucky CM!

JG said...

I loved the barrel bridge, my Mom always walked around.

As I recall, the bridges were one-way, so you crossed southerly on the suspension and northerly on the barrels, (or vice versa, can't really remember).

Of course, the trail is parallel on the shore, so the bridges are just for fun.

Castle Rock, seems like I spent hours on that sculpture.

I missed Yippie Day, and remember my Dad's disgust on reading it in the new.

D@mn dirty apes.