Monday, August 22, 2011

A Pair From August, 1959

Today I am sharing the first pair from a small lot of slides from August, 1959.

Three women pose in front of Main Street Station, with the yellow passenger cars and the Kalamazoo handcar. The tall blond on the left is pretty striking, I'll bet her short hairdo was quite daring in 1959. What do you think, is the lady in the middle her mom? I think I see a family resemblance. The one on the right is unhappy at having to remove her dark glasses for a photo.

Hey, there's Minnie! She's not quite as scary looking as we've seen in other photos. I like the two plugs on top of her head, which is where a hat could presumably be nailed on. Or maybe they provide some additional ventilation to the poor bastard inside.

We'll see these ladies again, soon!


TokyoMagic! said...

Minnie is looking pretty creepy there! And she's showing some skin between her sleeve and glove!

Nancy said...

i like the first picture, what an unusual view. i also want Mom's dress (love the 60s Mad Men fashion we are seeing these days)

patriotic bunting always makes me proud to be an American!

Orange Co Native said...

It is nice that some things (the train station) still remain the same even after 50+ years. I hope it still will be the same in another 50 years. Unfortunately, the surrounding area around Disneyland did not remain the same. It is too bad that none of the orange groves survived. It would have been nice if the city of Anaheim had retained just a few. That's progress I guess.

My family first went to Disneyland in 1958. They told me that when they went in that year, there was a lot of open space and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was one of main attractions and very popular. When I have been at Disneyland in recent years, Toad still always has a line. It seems like it is still popular today. However, it is kind of disheartening that Disney a few years ago was thinking of tearing it out to put in the Pooh attraction.

I am hoping that one day they will bring Fort Wilderness back to the way it was before. I am not sure what is suppose to be right now. Today, the fort's towers look like a bunch of 8x8 flat faced lumber stacked on top of each other. They need the rough logs of a fort. It is starting to look like one of the isles in Home Depot.

Anyway. That's my 2 cents. You asked me what I thought. Oh her hair. I'm sorry. Well, maybe next time.

Major Pepperidge said...

TM!, I dunno, I think that Minnie is cute. The skin showing is a problem. It might even be a dude in there!

Nancy, I think these fashions might even be a bit "pre-Mad Men"! And I'm always proud to be an American.

OC Native, I can't imagine that the train station would ever change. And yet.... I've been surprised before. Who would have thought that Cascade Peak would vanish? I think Orange County's groves were taken for granted until it was too late. Developers drooled over every one until they were gone.

I am VERY glad that we still have a Mr. Toad ride. I know it is heresy to say, but I was not a big fan of the Country Bear Jamboree, so I don't miss it much, and even sort of like the Pooh ride. But if it had replaced "Toad", I would have hated it.

The thing about Fort Wilderness is that it was more than just a feature that you saw from afar. You walked through it, explored it, climbed the stairs to the gun turrets, took the secret escape tunnel, etc. Not it's just an ugly structure used for cast member breaks.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

First photo, lady on the left is stunning - cool designs on her dress too! Can't wait to see more of these ladies...

P.s. The current fort is a bad joke (on us) it would almost be better if nothing was there, at least we could "imagine" what it used to look like without having to see that Link-n-Logs atrocity.

Nancy said...

when Rachel worked at WDW, one of her roomies was a character attendant...apparently most of the time Mickey is a girl b/c there is a height restriction to play Mickey or Minnie

i did notice that her glove was allowing a peek there too :(

Chuck said...

Vampires are never happy at having to remove their dark glasses...

Chiana_Chat said...

How Mod is Maud? Dig that hair.

Minnie is cute, sure could use some work but waaay better than they started with!

PsySocDisney said...

Poor girl on the right's head is almost twice the size of her sister(?)'s.... At least Minnie puts it into a more flattering perspective. Too bad the mighty microscope and its magical shrinking powers weren't around yet to help her out :)

I'm terrible.

Connie Moreno said...

I was sitting here thinking that Minnie was pretty flat chested.....I'm just saying!

I DO love those clothes, though!