Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fantasyland Stuff, October 1975

Here's an undistinguished selection for you, featuring some views from Fantasyland.

The exterior of It's a Small World is almost as fun (some would say more fun) than the ride itself. My new 25,000 square-foot mansion has a façade that is nearly identical, except that it is a tasteful shade of day-glo orange.

I was going to have topiary animals like these in the vast manicured gardens of my estate, but then I read "The Shining", and the part where the topiaries come to life and attack freaked me out. So instead I have giant Chia pets. If they come to life, then it's all over. Cha-cha-cha-chia!

Good old Skull Rock! Maybe I should have one of these added to my exclusive compound. The grotto will be full of well-built, hand-picked honeys, and the skull will be King Kong's actual skull. Gotta mix it up, right?


Chiana_Chat said...

zOMG love the Skull Rock pic! :D

They could build a new cove and feature nubile mermaids. Point the prudish complaints to their 1953 classic Peter Pan. Then watch its subsequent releases lose footage... forget that...

Cool ideas for your compound. ;) As for the façade... Day-glo Orange? Ah, you're anticipating what they'll do to it next time someone decides it needs "freshening up."


Always liked the giraffe topiary. :)

Oh Maj, up to what year have you found the 35mm slides like you usually feature? Early '80s?

TokyoMagic! said...

Well-built hand-picked honeys! It's early in the morning and that reference almost slipped past me!

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, your comments are too kind! I know today's pics are nothing that we haven't seen a million times before. As for new mermaids, I'm all for it. If they don't show any more skin than they did back in the old days, it should be OK, I'd think.

I do have some slides from the 80's, in fact I just scanned a few and you should be seeing them on the blog soon.

TM, I thought you would appreciate that phrase!

Nancy said...

Its A Small World....will NEVER forget how i felt the first time i saw it in person. coming around that corner and the small world (we have at WDW) was suddenly not so small at all!!! its one of my favorite things that DL has that we dont :) thanks for the awesome picture

Skull Rock looks somehow small in this portrait...maybe the angle. no matter, tho, coz i still love it!

PsySocDisney said...

Been "following" this blog for a while but now that I'm an official follower I'll leave my first comment :)

I'd say the exterior to Small World is just as fun as the inside! Especially the tick-tock from the clock. For some reason that sound brings back memories. Love it!

Skull Rock is looking exceptionally beautiful. What I wouldn't give to have seen it in person...

Major Pepperidge said...

Nancy, doesn't the Florida version of IASW now have a sort of mini version of the Mary Blair exterior?

Hannahx2, welcome! I agree with you, and love "Small World", but there are those Disneyland fans who find it grating and annoying. And Skull Rock (at night!) was definitely a memorable sight.

Nancy said...

yes, David, when they did the refurb they made the mural inside that is the picture of this beautiful DL exterior...which made me extremely happy :-)

Connie Moreno said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, said with Lawrence Welk accent.

When I start designing my ginormous compound, remind me not to get ideas from you....LOL.

JG said...

Major, I volunteer to design your compound to your specifications.

Mine will certainly include a Skull Rock and a number of topiary dancing bears. In fact, I also want my own Casey Jones and Canal Boats. I will ride them everyday.

Moar Skull Rock! I have a great slide show collection of these pics, mostly your posts, and this one joins the parade.

And I love Small World, sappy but true. These pics go straight to the desktop.