Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tomorrowland, May 1960

Boy oh boy, do I love this first picture! I want to step into it just in time to hear the (3-car) red Monorail's distinctive "whoosh" as it passes, and maybe even hear the air horn toot twice.

It would be easy to let Tomorrowland become cold and sterile, but Walt's landscapers added plenty of flowers (marigolds? and Bird of Paradise plants?) to make 1986 seem much more inviting (1986 was chosen for Tomorrowland because that was the next passing of Halley's Comet).


Thufer said...

The world of '1986'; the world I stepped into on my first visit to the park in the early 60's.
I just wish Walt had lived and HAD enforced his will onto the making of America in the anticipated vast future of 1986.
Now, we can only look back; back through 1986 and peer into the awe inspiring future of the world to come, a bigger, brighter and much more humanly inhabitable 'TomorrowLand'.

The Viewliner Limited said...

WOW !!! WHAT ABSOLUTE BEAUTY !!! This is the real Disneyland.

JG said...

What Thufer said.

And Viewliner too.

Simply wonderful pictures, Major.

A tip of the Space Helmet to you.


TokyoMagic! said...

Once again, I'm late checking in. Two absolute beauties today, Major! I love the flowers in that second shot...not sure what kind they are, but those are Bird of Paradise plants in the middle of them.

In that first pic, in the Skyway gondola that is just above the Monorail's bubble, there is a woman (maybe a man) either pointing at something or waving to someone. Just imagine the excitement back then. The Matterhorn wasn't even a year old. For many of us, the Matterhorn has just always been there.

Nancy said... nice! look at all the lovely signs there in Tomorowland! wish the tall one there in the back was more visible

there is nothing like having the Monorail running right thru Magic Kingdom, and for this i am properly jealous

beauties, Major....;-)

John Francis Queeny said...


"I just wish Walt had lived and HAD enforced his will onto the making of America."

Stay off the computer when you are loaded.

Great post Major !