Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Frontierland, June 1962

Here are three photos from the summer of '62, featuring Frontierland.

There's Big Chief Wavy and his posse of warriors; they are all but swallowed up by the luxurious greenery. I know I point this out often, but again - hard to believe that this is in the middle of Anaheim.

We can see the Mark Twain's pilot up in the wheelhouse. That's the place to be! Someday I'm going to have to ask if I can go up there. I'll talk to the pilot about my thimble collection until he leaps overboard, leaving ME in control. It can't fail.

You knew there had to be a picture of the F.I.V. (Friendly Indian Village), didn't you? And you were right, hooray. Any idea what that rectangular thing in the water is, by those two rocks? A replica of something Indians used to catch fish (or crawdaddies)?


JG said...

It's either a crawdad trap or a wooden crate for soda bottles.

Those crawdad traps do work, by the way. Crawdads are not very smart, apparently.

Re: hard to believe. That is the point, after all. But 1962? That looks like 50 years of forest growth, not seven. The miracles of modern landscaping.

After the discussions of Bear Country being a dead end, what's the likelihood of a walkway opening up around the river? Or will that reveal too much of the backstage activity during Fantasmic? I guess they could just close it at nite.


Katella Gate said...

JG: I've often thought about a trail into the "back country" but I don't see it happening. It doesn't generate any revenue, and you have enormous problems when people go into an unsupervised area like that.

Nancy said...

such a nice day at the Park! really is hard to believe that just a few minutes away you could be back on the highway!

Connie Moreno said...

*sigh* Chief Wavy never waves at me.

Vaughn said...

"Big Chief Wavy," LOL. I am going to use that!