Monday, July 25, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

Some of you may recall my post from long ago, revealing the happy fate of the Carnation milk truck. Well, here's a followup photo, kindly sent to me by Elbridge Stuart (the son of the man who was responsible for Carnation's presence in Disneyland). As you can see, Disney legend Bob Gurr managed to make his way up to the Seattle area (in the summer of 2010) to revisit his baby! Pretty neat.

Here's a colorful photo from August 1971, featuring a balloon seller as he tries to keep his balloons organized. In the 70's it is not generally known that Disneyland hired men from the U.S. Air Force combat forces to sell balloons - you can tell by his scarlet beret. Either that or he was a big fan of Fred "Rerun" Berry (Google it!). I have one of those balloons - with the Mickey portrait and the word "Disneyland" on a scroll - in a box somewhere; I carefully untied it and it's still somewhat pliable.

Speaking of reruns, this is a photo that I posted once before, but I rescanned it and it came out a lot better. You get two Surreys for the price of one!


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Nice Misc. Shots!

2nd photo has a nice shot of the Fantasyland Ticket booth too!

Love the Surrey' shot!

TokyoMagic! said...

Disney should have never gotten rid of ANY of Bob Gurr's creations!

That security guard leaning against the ticket booth in that second pic seems to have it pretty easy!

Was Rerun the one that would always say, "Hey, hey, hey!" or was that Dwayne? Or was it Shirley the waitress?

Chiana_Chat said...

'm back. And so is this beauty of Bob Gurr's, in fact it wasn't lost thanks to the people at Disney, Carnation and Camp Korey. Happy to see Bob was able to go up and see it, hope he had a great trip too.

The middle pic radiates fun doesn't it? Sun, colorful balloons, whimsical design, cut-off shorts (tee hee) an officer (?) kickin' back with no problems, Monorail, Matterhorn... what a place.

Echoing what others have said, I wouldn't mind the Maj sliding in some return slides. New viewers would be seeing them for the 1st time & for regulars, his scanner and skills have improved along the way so they'd look even better! The surreys (surri?) look swell and the lady and kid are enjoying the ride. :)

Pilsner Panther said...

The Carnation truck is a real beauty... just look at all the detail, like the curved brass rail that Mr. Gurr is resting his hand on. The arched roof is also an authentic feature of early 1900's truck body design. It's great to learn that both the man and his creation are still going strong!

JG said...

Thanks for the good news along with the pics, Major.

I got a balloon once, late in the day on the way home. They tied it to my arm and I walked with it all the way down Main Street and out to the car.

Then, when we got back to our room at the Magic Lamp motel, Mom took it off my wrist and i let go of the string. The balloon hit the "cottage cheese" ceiling and popped.

I never wanted another balloon again.

@Chiana, welcome back. You were missed.


Major Pepperidge said...

VDT, I figured you'd notice the ticket booth without my pointing it out!

TM!, that security guard is probably chatting with a cute young thing inside the booth, too. And it was Dwayne who said, "Hey HEY hey!".

Chiana, welcome back; please tell us about your year on Perseid Omicron 6!

Pilsner Panther, I think Mr. Gurr was in his 20's when he designed that truck. I could barely tie my shoes at that age!

JG, it's time to "get back on that horse" and buy another balloon! I once brought one all the way home and then accidentally let go just as I got out of the car. Since it was night time, it just vanished in about 20 seconds, as if it had never existed.

Chiana_Chat said...

Wha-! Wha- ...I was that notorious? Just goes to show. I really have to lay off the razlac.

@JG, delighted to see you're here. I missed you and all the regulars here at the Major's.

Chris Jepsen said...

That specific kind of balloon is right up there with the Peoplemover when it comes to triggering my own Disneyland nostalgia. I'm sure I was given one or two of those balloons as a child, but mainly I remember the big bunches the vendors carried down Main Street. No flashing lights, no multi-colored paint jobs, no mylar, no balloons-within-a-balloon -- Just lots of bright colors roughly in the shape of Mickey's noggin. Strange how it's the seemingly minor things that trigger the most childhood memories.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chris, I'm with ya, except for the balloon within a balloon, I always thought those were cool!