Sunday, November 14, 2010

Main Street & Matterhorn, Sept. 1967

It's late summer, and a warm late afternoon in 1967 in today's photos. This first shot gives a look down a very busy Main Street. Seems like an awful lot of backs are towards us, which might mean that families are heading home after a fun day. There's nothing really that extraordinary to see in this picture, and yet I like it a lot.

Was a Matterhorn ever planned for Walt Disney World? I think I've seen artwork for a proposed version at EPCOT, but I'm not sure about the Magic Kingdom. Anyway, I'm glad that Disneyland has the only one; it makes it just that much more special! In the foreground, a family trudges past the Monsanto Home of the Future...

.... might as well take a closer look at the little path (entrance? exit?), since the house would close forever in just a few months. Although we can only see a small portion of it, the mature landscaping adds a touch of beauty that was absent in earlier photos.


Chuck said...

There was a Matterhorn planned for a proposed Swiss pavilion at EPCOT (all caps used on purpose; it was still an acronym back then) but was obviously never built.

I also really like the landscaping around the Home of the Future. I used to enjoy the remnants when this place was known as the Alpine Gardens. Sadly, I never got to see the Home of the Future; it became a Thing of the Past before I was born.

Connie Moreno said...

That Matterhorn shot is beautiful, especially when enlarged.

TokyoMagic! said...

I also used to enjoy the remants that were left behind after HOTF was removed....the mid-century designed waterfalls, the zig-zag slab concrete walkways, and the patio structure that was converted into a souvenir stand. That area was once a nice quiet little retreat, but it was taken over by screaming children trying to get wet from Triton's fountain and now it's filled with large ugly plastic blades of grass. Why do they have to mess with things?

Rich T. said...


They mess with things because beautiful, quiet gardens don't sell merchandise. :(

That family is certainly doing a pro job defining the word "trudge!"...especially since the dad seems to be lighting a cig!

JG said...

I remember that little tunnel of greenery, it was very cozy and quiet.

I love the picture of Main Street, that has to be one of my favorite things ever. But I say that about all the pictures.

Thank you Major.


Nancy said...

HOTF was so awesome....the fact that the darn thing wouldnt give in to the wrecking ball should have been their sign that it did not WANT to be destroyed...I WANT TO LIVE! Nancy hasnt seen me yet!