Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miscellaneous Wednesday

I've got three leftovers for you today!

Skull rock, circa 1963. Turns out that is King Kong's skull.

Awww, this one's cute. That couple appears to be sweethearts after all their years together. The secret: those black socks. They drive her wild! And he knows it.

Atomic things are going on in this building. Very atomic!


Chiana_Chat said...

Atomic! Gnarly, daddy-o. Isn't that a purty pic? I'd never seen the lighting of that sign and it is neat-o. Daddy-o.

That scene wouldn't be there a year later.

Yiy. Extra shirt tied around his waist but wearing shorts. That's so silly it's almost like something I'd do.

Gee that's a neat rock work, Skull Rock. Sure wish they'd re-create it. Just like that. :)

Connie Moreno said...

Thanks to you spilling the beans, the sales of black socks are now going to go through the roof.

LOVED that first photo and I admit I stole it to make it my wallpaper - for my bedroom. Hey! wouldn't that be AWESOME to cover one wall with that photo???? Hmmm....going off to figure out how to get that done...

Katella Gate said...

I was very glad when they moved the big blue sign that blocked the view of the Small World building. Obviously Bank of America wanted you to know THEY sponsored the ride.

JG said...

That's an early pic of the Small World, with the BOfA endorsement. I remember that didn't last.

This attraction has had a history of obnoxious marketing connections. When my kids were small, it was sponsored by Mattel and a flashy pavilion was built right across the exit route selling Barbie Dolls in native dress and Hot Wheels with tenuous tie-ins to the theme. At least it was themed, albeit tenuous. Cost $30 to get out.

That pavilion is still there, now filled with the thoroughly homogenized DisneyStore schlock available in every other shop all the way to your hotel. The only theme is $.

King Kong's skull...hmm (rubs chin) ..plausible. Why didn't I think of that?

And that last one...golly. Modern architecture had it's moments... few and far between, but still...lots to like there.

Thank you! I'm heading out to buy some black socks to wear when Mrs G and I go for drinks.


Chuck said...

Why is there a dead-straight black line across Mr Blacksocks' forehead? That can't be his hairline. Is he wearing a Mickey hat sans ears and emblem?

Colored socks and mother used to do that to me when I was small. The only in-focus photo of my first trip to Disneyland has me standing in front of the floral Mickey in a white sleeveless shirt with red trim and buttons, red shorts, red socks, and brown shoes.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, there's something about that classic "atom surrounded by three electrons" symbol that I love so much!

Connie, how do you make a square picture into computer wallpaper? Doesn't it get all pixely?

Katella, that sign IS a bit much, I have to admit.

JG, I didn't remember that Mattel sponsored IASW, but I do recall seeing photos of that pavilion with plenty of Barbie pink; now I know why!

Chuck, the hat you are describing is known as a yarmulke! I think Mr. Blacksocks is just sporting a bad toupee, actually.

Nancy said...

there hasnt been a more diverse set, and i LOVE it! these three on three walls...what a sight!

now, what for that fourth wall...?