Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fantasyland 1957

Here are two great Fantasyland photos from 1957!

King Arthur's Carrousel is mostly in shadow on this bright sunny day, which makes for an interesting framing device for the scene in the background. Most of the ladies still have their poofy skirts, but you can see some pedal pushers if you look carefully. A sign of the changing times! You can also see a balloon vendor with those Mickey Mouse "ear balloons", the kind in which the ears are black.

Now we're looking through one of the castle's side archways (I think this is the one that would lead you to Frontierland) towards Merlin's Magic Shop.

Stay tuned for more great photos from this lot!


Chiana_Chat said...

Unusual perspective and neat you-are-there-ness to the bottom pic. As for the top - c'mon young fella with the girlfriend in the pink dress, toss some nickels and take her on the carousel!

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten the term "pedal pushers" - good one, Major. I love how you can see the cut work on that sign on the second photo. But what is that little "chef's hat" shaped thingy at the top?

Katella Gate said...

Très Artistique! Quelle Savoir Faire! Les Photos-ci ont une certainne j'n sais quois avec un soupçon de plus de j'n sais quois.

Ok, I'm out of faux French complements, but I wanted something special for these interesting photos. If only they were sharper, they'd be perfect.

Connie Moreno said...

Gosh, these are both so cool. In that first pic, I did a double take: I would have been two then and the girl with the pedal pushers is standing there waiting next to an empty stroller. She's got attitude, just like my sister would have. I almost thought "What if it's her waiting by the stroller while my dad took me on the carousel?" She was too cool at 14 to ride it, you see. *grin*

Walt's Magic Kingdom said...

I love the simple times when crowds could be kept at-bay by just a pole and chain. These days everything is surrounded by wrought iron.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, maybe the guy is afraid of wooden horses.

Debbie V, I assume that the "chef's hat" is part of the sign, but I can't really tell here. Maybe it is clearer in other photos on my blog, I'll have to look

Katella Gate, I know, it's frustrating that these aren't crystal clear!

Connie, I think pedal pusher gal is about to take a photo of her tyke on the Carrousel!

Walt's Magic, I couldn't agree more.

Nancy said...

such pretty pictures today, and looking forward to seeing more!

i always loved pedal pushers and sun comfy! :)

JG said...

LOL, pedal pushers. I remember my Mom saying that.

I remember those balloons with the black ears. I think I heard they were discontinued because when the weather was hot, they would swell up and pop. Not sure that's true, but it is what I recalled.

Thanks for these great pictures. Wish I could step just out of the one pic for a Welch's Grape Juice.