Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jungle Cruise 1956

Let's take a ride on the "world famous" Jungle Cruise! (Gotta include the world-famous bit).

Oh boy, it's almost our turn! We should wave one last "goodbye" to the poor shnooks on that boat. Tomato red was a popular color back then, I've noticed. The little girl up front, with the mouse ears is giving us the squinty eyeballs. In fact, this picture is great for a bit of retro "people watching".

It's the Monkey Temple. Named after Sir Albert Monkey. I kind of like this scene, but it didn't last very long for some reason. Today's cruise has gorillas (hooray!) and a few baboons, but I don't recall any monkeys. And don't we all need a few monkeys? I am going start a "Bring Back the Monkeys!" campaign. Who's with me??

Did you know that "Hippopotamus" means "river horse"? Did you know that their closest living relatives are whales (I'm not kidding)? Or that they can run up to 19 mph? Makes you appreciate the humble hippo, doesn't it. In this photo, the jungle still has some growing to do.


Chiana_Chat said...

"I am going start a "Bring Back the Monkeys!" campaign. Who's with me??"

Too much monkey business for me to be involved in.

Uh huh huh.

Our skipper that day was Nelson Riddle, I see. The lady is so delighted the nice young man is putting that seat cushion in place just for her, okay and her ol' moneybags, and even the lady seated further back thinks this is all rather nice. We won't tell them it's routine shall we.

Gosh but the color in the last one makes it look muddier than the Mississippi. Must be the Ganges section they're in?

PS - If it wasn't for the gorilla suit, you'd make a great Skipper, Maj.

Prof. von Drake said...

Indeed, I did know that "hippopotamus" means "river horse." The "potamus" part is from the ancient Greek "potamos," or "river." This is also why Mesopotamia is the "land between the rivers." As for monkeys, if you've ever spent any amount of time amidst temple ruins overrun by the buggers, you would not be so free with your wishes. The Disney Authorities were right to banish them from the jungle. They are ornery and selfish and noisy and very poor respecters of boundaries.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

When I finally get my time machine to work and travel back to 1956 I'm going to dress exactly like that skipper - dude is too cool for words!

Connie Moreno said...

Hey Vintage, when you get your time machine working, let me know because I want to steal that kid's 1956 Mouse ears.

Thufer said...

We I was younger (ahuuuum!) on my first visit to the park; on the world famous jungle cruise...I was the co-pilot if you will for our trip.
I remember being very excited and doing my best to keep our boat on course and safe from all harm. Little did I know.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, I thought that was Peter Lawford piloting the boat!

Professor von Drake, you have obviously been fraternizing with the wrong monkeys. Mojo Jojo maybe?

VDT, there is no reason why you can't dress like that now!

Connie, for shame...!

Thufer, I wish they still let a little kid "co-pilot" the boat, that would be fun. Maybe the skippers just have too much to do already, steering the boat and workin' the spiel.

JG said...

Aah, bring back the monkey's indeed. I have always wondered why they made a tarzan connection (wretched movie)to this attraction, when a jungle book connection (great movie) might have been better? Probably hard to do a realistic orangutan and pass him off as the counterpart of cartoon King Louie. But the Bandar Log don't really require a king to work their mischief.

I wonder if some of the omissions over time haven't been gestures of acknowledging other world religions, (which are not exotic or strange to their faithful, just to middle-class Amrica) a kind of subtle restructuring of the scene, similar to the burning cabin of TSI? After all, the attraction doesn't present St. Augustine or Moses in the desert regions.

Intellectually I understand and support that editing, but nostalgically, I miss Hanuman and Ganesha, just the same.


Chuck said...

"Maybe the skippers just have too much to do already, steering the boat and workin' the spiel." You forgot emptying revolvers into the air. Anyone who's ever driven in LA knows you can't steer, shoot, AND crack corny jokes all at the same time...unless you're in an '80s action flick.

Speaking of firearms on the Jungle Cruise - does anyone else remember the skippers actually taking aim at the hippos before pulling the trigger? I seem to remember that as a child. Or am I inserting a memory here?

Chiana_Chat said...

Maj, you can tell that isn't Peter Lawford; there are no women on his arms.

JG, acknowledging other world religions by erasing all presence of any? I know and it seems possible but it's an odd world to work that way. Me, I just wish they'd give the Swiss family back their home. They were already living in a tree!

Chiana_Chat said...

Chuck, they probably did aim, until action shows embedded in the younger generations led to the complete disregard for aiming.

Anonymous said...

As a former skipper, yes, I did take aim at the hippos. But we were generally supposed to fire "between the cleats" at the bow of the boat as the blanks were full charge for our Smith & Wesson .38s. Besides, it was the only method to signal the dock in the event of breakdowns. Sure miss those days.

JG said...

Chiana, Seems that the vocal majority these days may prefer a religion-free world. In the rush to respect everyone equally and eliminate the disrespectful parts of the past , we may end up erasing parts that we all want to remember. And I also want the Swiss Family back.

This conversation has gotten too complicated for the muedium. Sorry, no offense intended.