Monday, September 06, 2010

Return to Madurodam

It's time for another visit to Madurodam! What was it? For more info, please see my previous posts here and here.

Here's a nice general view of the place... I think it's interesting that it was built in a sort of shallow bowl and then surrounded by trees. It blocks out the surrounding world in much the same way the berm does at Disneyland. My guess is that there are tall buildings all around it these days.

Check out this amazing miniature port, with berths for ships and boats of all kinds. There are cranes for loading cargo, and tiny trucks and vehicles, and even teeny-tiny people. One of the first photos I ever saw of Madurodam was in LIFE magazine (I think), and it had a man guiding a ship through the water very much like the soggy fellow in this photo. When no one is around he pretends he is the Green Gargantua.

More impressive details...

I'd like to see this place when it's been snowing!


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Any post that makes reference to the Green Gargantua is tops in my books, that Brown Gargantua was such a wimp!

Besides the amazing details in the buildings and ships, all the little people are really cool!!! I wonder if they have real clothes for the Green Gargantua to spit out on the dock after he eats them?

Chiana_Chat said...

There be giants!

Too cool. The airport was nifty but I think these docks top that.