Monday, May 24, 2010

Two Beauties, April 1962

Here are two great pix snapped from the Skyway, starting with this great shot from Tomorrowland. The blue Monorail is gliding as softly as a cloud over the blue-green submarine lagoon. Did you know that the lagoon held over 75 gallons of water? In a few years this scene would become even more amazing with the addition of the Peoplemover.

I love this crisp, colorful bird's-eye view of the Mad Tea Party (aka "The Teacups"). That swirling turntable has me HIP-MO-TIZED! The old Fantasyland had a certain charm in spite of its low-budget limitations. Most of the cups have happy families, friends, siblings; but one contains a lone serviceman. Won't somebody be his pal?


Chiana_Chat said...

It must be the perspectives playing tricks but despite being closer to us, that parked sub sure looks smaller to me than the sub coming up to the dock behind it.

Swell view, sunny and cheery to boot - think I'll desktop it. :)

Well now the guys in the suits swishing around in the far right teacup are clearly having fun, including the funny yellow feather hat (with a suit and tie?). Poor serviceman may still be too stiff from basic training. The real mystery is how he's keeping his hat on. Meanwhile that could be Jiminy Cricket in the teacup on top left. Doubtful but for all we can see, it could be. ;)

Thufer said...

What a beautiful day to be in the park. Both are just wonderful shot.
Thanks for the 'grays'.
Monorail blue looks just stunning.

stu29573 said...

75 gallons???? Wow!!!!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

What a couple of beauties. The Blue Monorail gliding over the lagoon on that crisp spring day in 1962 is an awesome site. The serviceman is actually having the time of his life, he's just not letting us see it.

Regions Beyond said...

Great slides as per usual, and always fun to "people watch" in these old photos as well. That 75 gallons sure goes a long way, doesn't it... ;) I would swear it would take at least 80 to fill all that!

Nancy said...

gorgeous day... wish i was there!

love Monorail Blue in any photo, but this is especially beautiful. up in the right corner it look like another train of some kind is on a track, or that is a good illusion of some motel windows maybe....??

i love the strings of lights over the teacups (more nowadays than there were then). nighttime at the Park when all the lights are on is one of my very favorite things...

thanks for some nice pics on a Monday, and i for one missed the 75 gallons....not enuf coffee, i guess!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots. I still look for my parents in these pictures, they are there somewhere, i think.

and yes, that tank has at least 75 gallons in it.