Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today is admittedly a "blah" day... two mediocre photos. They were scanned and I might as well use them, but yeesh.

These folks are leaving the park even though it can't be much past 3 o'clock. Go home, see if I care! We'll have lots of fun without you. I just get emotional. One lady is carrying her souvenir guide while a mysterious stranger lurks in the shadows to the right.

You've seen the back side of water; this is the back side of the Pirate Ship. We are looking up at folks standing on the poop deck. Heh heh, poop.

I apologize for these photos.


Anonymous said...

The first photo is mildly interesting, main street station and city hall in the same photo, look at all those american flags! Its always neat to have odd views of the entrance to compare it to today, is that a chain link fence?

TokyoMagic! said...

Definitely no need to apologize....nothing wrong with these photos!

Maybe that stranger waits in prey out in the parking lot and then takes people's unused tickets from them as they leave the park....either that or he's waiting for DCA to be built.

Matterhorn1959 said...

I think the people are heading out to their motel for an afternoon swim and then to come back and visit the fireworks (and start waiting for the showing of Fantasmic!)

Thufer said...

Almost some parking lot love there in the first photo.
I also found that angle very interesting to look at.

Katella Gate said...

Austin, not only chain link fence, but it's topped with a double barricade of barbed wire! Its even planted with a bougainvillea hedge that has thorns. Obviously, Walt wasn't going to let that opening day fence-hopping happen again.

As for the exiting trio, probably disenchanted mid-westerners who only got as far as Main Street and left in a huff thinking Disneyland was just a repro of the small town they were from.

Connie Moreno said...

Are you kidding me? You apologize? I love stuff like this. It's a glimps into a frozen moment in time.

Chiana_Chat said...

Yeah they're not calender worthy but I am incurably curious and this pirate ship photo makes me ask: what's the mast w/lamp at the bottom, it looks like the entrance to the ship.

Parking lot pic. Okay the guy is desperate for shade. Or he's a monorail nut waiting to see the monorail from underneath. Or he lost his quarter on the way and can't get in so he's sitting outside and dreaming of the day his pocket gets mended so he won't loose his change. Or maybe he's soaking in the view. Or maybe he's from the future and wanted to behold the front of the park from before DCA. But all those nice benches in a very generous long, long row by the nice landscaping and he's sitting on the blacktop in a lane in the parking lot? Weird.

Bleh or not thanks as always Maj. :)

Nancy said...

blah? nah!!

i vote for the going back to swim coz it does look like a very warm day, and our lurker is just trying to get in the shade and cool off as well... ;-)

as for the pirate ship, the back side of water has NOTHING on this! i love the view, completely different than almost any we have seen. complete with sky buckets, the train station booth (love the roofs of Fantasyland, so colorful!) and all that pretty sunshine...whats blah about that???

what was behind the ship before Skull Rock? were there tables to sit at then??

Katella Gate said...

Nancy: The pirate ship and scull rock were built in stages. I don't know how long the pirate ship stood before Scull Rock went it, but there was ample seating between the ship and Casey Jr.

Head on over to Daveland's regular web site (not the blog) and you can see for yourself.

Nancy said...

good idea, Katella, and thanks for the info.

i go there occasionally but its been a while since i found that one and went over it pretty well then ;-)

Anonymous said...

Heh heh, you said poop.
Heh heh.


PS, cool shots, thanks.